Adopters and Pets Benefit from Streamlined Adoption Process at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter

042314teri fosterBeginning July 1, adoption fees for cats and dogs at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter will change to include the mandatory spay/neuter fee previously paid separately by the adopter. The new process will be more convenient for adopters and the combined fee structure will actually reduce the cost for most animal adoptions. Fairfax County Animal Shelter adoption fees will be comparable, and in most cases lower, than nearby shelters and rescues.

Currently the $30 cat and $40 dog adoption fees do not include the significant cost of spaying or neutering the pet. That fee ($102 for cats and $174 for dogs) is paid separately by the adopter directly to the shelter’s contract veterinarian after adoption and surgery.

The cat adoption fee, now $132, will range from $50 to $100 under the new system. The dog adoption fee, now $214, will range from $100 to $175.

The current process also entails an additional trip for the adopter—one to complete the adoption and one to pick up the adopted pet at the veterinarian following surgery. After July 1, all pets will be spayed or neutered prior to being made available for adoption, so they will be able to go home on the same day the adoption is completed.

In addition to streamlining the adoption process, the new system will facilitate better customer service and ensure that all animals are spayed and neutered prior to being made available for adoption.042314Martin_and_volunteer_cat_behavior

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