Seatbelts Save Lives: Buckle Up


Ms. Klein’s multi-vehicle crash.

062414Crash1 062414Crash2

Buckle Up!

McLean District commanders recently recognized local resident, Margrete Klein, with a “Saved by the Belt” award. Ms. Klein was involved in a serious, multi-vehicle crash on Route 123 in February 2014. Her Lexus was struck by a distracted driver and thrown airborne into oncoming lanes, landing on top of two other vehicles. Fortunately, Klein escaped serious injury and she attributes the seat belt to this.


Captain Paul Norton, McLean District, presented Margrete Klein with a Saved-by-the-Belt Award and mug.


Summer travel season is here. The Fairfax County Police remind motorists that seatbelts are your best defense against injury in a crash. Be safe; buckle up. Learn more about seatbelt use: