Possible Cougar Sighting in Fairfax County

Precautions Being Taken

Over the past 48 hours, Fairfax County Animal Control has received two reports of early-morning sightings of a large cat, possibly a cougar, near Riverside Elementary School on Old Mount Vernon Road in Alexandria. Animal Control Officers searched the area of the reported sightings but found no evidence confirming the presence of the animal.

The cat was described sand or orange color and was estimated to be the size of a large dog with a tail equal to the length of its body.

The Police Department’s Wildlife Management Specialist is working with Animal Control to set up wildlife cameras around the area and animal control officers will be patrolling the area tonight and early tomorrow morning, in case the animal is still in the area. Teachers and parents at this school have been made aware and are taking precautions to ensure that children are kept safe.

If you see this animal, do not approach it. Get to a safe location and call the police non-emergency number at 703-691-2131. An animal control officer will be dispatched.

Read more about cougars in our region: http://www.dgif.virginia.gov/wildlife/information/?s=050112