The Daily Police Blotter for July 27, 2015 – Weekend Recap

This report is published every weekday, except county holidays. The information in each report covers significant criminal incidents generally from the day before; reports published on Monday cover the preceding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Some incidents may appear a day or two after the occurrence.

The report contains selected crimes, including animal-related incidents and property crimes. The information is organized by police district station. Addresses shown indicate blocks and not specific locations. This report is not a comprehensive list of every police event in Fairfax County in the stated time frame.

Note: Information contained in the Daily Blotter is generally based on initial reports made to the police department. Follow-up investigations may reveal different or additional information.


Date Covered: 07/23/15 to 07/26/15

Total Calls for Service: 5,258

Total Domestic Related Calls for Service: 126

Total Emotionally Disturbed Persons Calls for Service: 39


CHECKPOINT, Richmond Highway/Mount Eagle Drive, 07/24/15. Officers conducted a DWI checkpoint for drunk drivers. Nine-hundred-sixty-nine vehicles passed through. Three drivers were charged with DWI and four summonses were issued.


BURGLARY, 6800 block of Colonel Taylor Lane, 07/26/15. A resident reported someone entered the residence and took property.

BURGLARY, 13600 block of Forest Pond Ct., 07/25/15 at about 10:11 a.m. A resident reported an unknown male entered a home and took property. When a neighbor yelled at the suspect, he dropped a bag and fled. The suspect was described as a black male in his 20s.

BURGLARY, 12500 block of White Drive, 07/24/15 at about 3:04 p.m. A resident reported that someone entered the residence and took property.


5300 block of Blue Aster Circle, property from vehicle.

5600 block of Ox Road, phone from business.

14400 block of Rustling Leaves Lane, property from vehicle.


13900 block of Braddock Road, 2013 Chrysler 300.



2900 block of Arlington Drive, merchandise from business.

5800 block of Cameron Run Terrace, license plate from vehicle.

8000 block of Candlewood Drive, purse from vehicle.

8400 block of Frye Road, merchandise from business.

7400 block of Mount Vernon Square Center, beverage from business.

7400 block of Mount Vernon Square Center, merchandise from business.


2200 block of Mary Baldwin Drive, Jeep Cherokee.


MALICIOUS WOUNDING, 7700 block of Leesburg Pike, 07/25/15 at about 3:39 p.m. The victim was playing in a school baseball field and was struck in the upper body with what appears to be a metal pellet. The victim was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

BURGLARY, 2100 block of Arrowleaf Drive, 07/24/15 at about 2:10 p.m. A resident reported that someone entered the residence and took property.


1400 block of Balls Hill Road, merchandise from business.

1400 block of Chain Bridge Road, purse from business.

6200 block of Dunaway Court, license plate from vehicle.

8100 block of Gatehouse Road, purse from business.

8300 block of Georgetown Pike, wallet from school.

7600 block of Lee Highway, merchandise from business.

9400 block of Lee Highway, cash from residence.

8300 block of Leesburg Pike, wallet from business.

1200 block of Suffield Drive, cash from vehicle.

8100 block of Tysons Corner Center, property from vehicle.


BURGLARY OF AN OCCUPIED DWELLING WITH APPREHENSION, 4100 block of Wadsworth Court, 07/23/15 at about 1:25 p.m. The victim was in his apartment and saw the suspect walking out of one of the rooms to the residence. The suspect fled on foot and the victim called police. Responding officers located the suspect and arrested him. A 17 year-old male was charged with burglary and grand larceny.

INDECENT EXPOSURE, 3300 Woodburn Road, 07/24/15 at about 7:15 a.m. A woman was walking near the pool when a man exposed himself. The suspect was described as black, 20s, tall wearing gray shirt and pants.

ASSAULT BY MOB, 6000 Bellview Drive, 07/25/15 at about 9:05 p.m. The victim was walking through a parking lot and was approached by several individuals. The victim was assaulted and one of the suspects was located by responding officers. A 16 year-old male was charged with malicious wounding, assault by mob and possession of tobacco. The investigation continues. The victim incurred non-life-threatening injuries.


5100 block of Leesburg Pike, wallet from business.

6400 block of Lincolnia Road, beverage from business.

7600 block of Little River Turnpike, cash from business.

6500 block of Montrose Street, wallet and phone from vehicle.

3400 block of South Jefferson Street, merchandise from business.



11900 block of Bowman Towne Drive, merchandise from business.

1700 block of Business Center Drive, cash from business.

1800 block of Cameron Glen Drive, bicycles from residence.

2100 block of Glencourse Lane, cash from vehicle.

1600 block of Valencia Way, jewelry from residence. 


BURGLARY, 6300 block of Demme Place, 07/26/15. A resident reported someone entered the residence and took property.

BURGLARY, 8500 block of Terminal Road, 07/24/15. A business owner reported that someone entered a business and took cash. 


Beulah Street/Clemaline Boulevard, merchandise from business.

5700 block of Governors Pond Circle, property from vehicle.

9800 block of Gunston Road, bicycle from residence.

7000 block of Manchester Boulevard, phone from business.

6800 block of Springfield Boulevard, laptop computer from vehicle.

6500 block of Springfield Mall, merchandise from business.

6500 block of Springfield Mall, phone from business.

6600 block of Springfield Mall, purse from vehicle. 


6700 block of Loisdale Road, 2015 Ford Fusion.


BURGLARY, 8200 Dabney Avenue, 0/25/15 at about 1:38 p.m. A resident reported a group of unknown men entered a vacant residence. Nothing appears to have been taken. 


4200 block of Americana Drive, property from vehicle.

6000 block of Burke Commons Road, purse from residence.

9500 block of Old Keene Mill Road, beverage from business.

9500 block of Old Keene Mill Road, merchandise from business.

6100 block of Rolling Road, property from residence.

6000 block of Talford Court, bicycles from residence.


6000 block of Talford Court, 1996 Jeep Cherokee. 


PEEPING, 5400 block of Sandy Point Lane, 07/24/15 at about 1:49 a.m. A resident saw a light shine into a window. When the resident looked out the window, a white male was seen looking in. The suspect fled prior to police arrival. 

BURGLARY, 13000 block of Harvest Place, 07/24/15 at about 8:16 a.m. A resident reported someone entered the residence and took property.

UNLAWFUL ENTRY, 5400 block of Hampton Forest Way, 07/24/15 at about 8:16 a.m. A resident reported and unknown person entered the residence through an unsecured garage door. Nothing was taken. 


12000 block of Fair Oaks Shopping Center, cash from business.

11200 block of James Swart Circle, wallet from vehicle.

13700 block of Maple Sugar Lane, license plate from vehicle.

4200 block of Mozart Brigade Lane, equipment from vehicle.

13800 block of Sunrise Valley Drive, merchandise from business. 


13300 block of Jasper Court, 1995 Toyota Corolla.