UPDATE -Inquiry by FCPD Internal Affairs Bureau

The facts regarding the incident on June 14, 2015, are being compiled and interviews conducted, which are expected to be completed next week. Upon completion, the Chief of Police will release a final update.
Original Blog Post is Below:

Dear Fairfax Community Members: Recently, an opinion article in a local newspaper submitted by a Fairfax County citizen alleges that on June 14, 2015, patrol officers conducted a “raid” on an apartment in the Alexandria section of the county, in response to a call for service for an unlawful entry – subject inside of a model apartment. Preliminarily, I can assure you no SWAT response was utilized in the response to this call for service. However, the Fairfax County Police Department takes seriously the writer’s remarks and as such, an inquiry by the Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau is being conducted at my direction.

The Fairfax County Police Department places the sanctity of life as a priority in all of our operations and we must assure our community that all efforts to safely resolve calls for service are conducted in a fashion which is consistent with preserving the safety of all involved. The inquiry into this matter will review all the facts and circumstances to determine if the conduct by the officers involved was in compliance with our policies related to all operational conduct in this matter. I will provide an update on our findings at the conclusion of the inquiry.


Colonel Edwin C. Roessler Jr.

Chief of Police