The Daily Police Blotter for August 3, 2015 – Weekend Recap

This report is published every weekday, except county holidays. The information in each report covers significant criminal incidents generally from the day before; reports published on Monday cover the preceding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Some incidents may appear a day or two after the occurrence.

The report contains selected crimes, including animal-related incidents and property crimes. The information is organized by police district station. Addresses shown indicate blocks and not specific locations. This report is not a comprehensive list of every police event in Fairfax County in the stated time frame.

Note: Information contained in the Daily Blotter is generally based on initial reports made to the police department. Follow-up investigations may reveal different or additional information.


Date Covered: 07/31/15 to 08/02/15

Total Calls for Service: 3867

Total Domestic Related Calls for Service: 101

Total Emotionally Disturbed Persons Calls for Service: 54


INDECENT EXPOSURE: 13800 block of Braddock Road, 07/31/15 at about 9:15 p.m. A subject walked up to the victim and exposed himself. The suspect was described as a Hispanic or Asian male, 40s, 5 feet 8 inches, 170 pounds with dark hair wearing a white T-Shirt and khaki pants. The suspect fled prior to police arrival.

BURGLARY: 14500 block of South Hills Court, 08/01/15 at about 11:08 a.m. A resident reported that an unknown person entered the home and took property.


15100 block of Bernadette Court, property from residence

14700 block of Bonnet Terrace, property from vehicle

6300 block of James Harris Way, merchandise from business

6400 block of McCoy Road, wallet from vehicle

4100 block of Meadowland Court, property from residence

5800 block of Post Corners Trail, property from vehicle

11100 block of Robert Carter Road, wallet from vehicle

6800 block of Ridge Water Court, phone from vehicle

6300 block of Saint Timothy’s Lane, bicycle from residence

5800 block of Trinity Parkway, purse from business

13800 block of Wakley Court, property from vehicle

5100 block of Woodfield Drive, property from vehicle


14400 block of Golden Oak Road, 1985 Mercedes 380


ROBBERY: 7500 block of Telegraph Road, 07/30/15 at about 10:00 p.m. The victim was sitting in a vehicle when she was approached by a man brandishing a gun. The suspect demanded the victim’s purse and took off running with the property. The victim did not require medical attention. The suspect was described as a male, wearing dark pants, dark colored shirt and a black ski mask.

ROBBERY: 6300 block of South Kings Highway, 08/01/15 at about 1:30 a.m. Two men approached the victim and one displayed a knife and demanded money. The victim gave up some cash and the suspects ran away. The victim did not need medical attention. The suspects were described as black males wearing dark clothing.

BURGLARY: 9600 block of Hagel Circle, 07/31/15 at about 3:25 p.m. A resident reported that someone entered an apartment and took property.

BURGLARY: 4400 block of Flintstone Road, 08/01/15 at about 6:02p .m. A resident reported an unknown person entered the residence and took property.

UNLAWFUL ENTRY: 4400 block of Pembrook Village Drive, 07/31/15 at about 4:52 p.m. A homeowner reported that an unknown person had been living in a vacant home.


4700 block of Manor Drive, property from residence

6700 block of Richmond Highway, merchandise from business

6800 block of Richmond Highway, property from residence

7700 block of Richmond Highway, license plates from vehicle

7700 block of Richmond Highway, merchandise from business

7700 block of Richmond Highway, property from business

6600 block of Tower Drive, wallet from vehicle

8700 block of Triumph Court, wallet from residence

5800 block of Woodlawn Gable Drive, license plates from vehicle


BURGLARY: 11100 block of Branton Lane, 07/31/15 at about 8:17 p.m. A resident stated that someone entered the garage and took a motorized recreational vehicle.


1400 block of Balls Hill Road, property from vehicle

8400 block of Broad Street, electronic equipment from vehicle

2900 block of Dover Lane, equipment from vehicle

2900 block of Gallows Road, purse from business

2000 block of International Drive, jewelry from business

2000 block of International Drive, wallet from business

7600 block of Lee Highway, merchandise from business

7500 block of Leesburg Pike, property from business

1500 block of Maddux Lane, bicycle from residence

3000 block of Nutley Street, merchandise from business

8400 block of Old Courthouse Road, electronics equipment from vehicle

9100 block of Westerholme Way, property from residence


6900 block of Chestnut Avenue, 2006 Chrysler 300

8100 block of Larkin Lane, 2004 Ford Ranger

8000 block of Tysons Corner Center, 2015 Honda Pilot

8600 block of Westwood Center Drive, Mercedes CLS550


COMMERCIAL ROBBERY: 3300 block of Gallows Road, 07/31/15 at about 12:34 p.m. A suspect went into a business, displayed a handgun and demanded money. The suspect described as a black male wearing a mask ran off in an unknown direction. The victim did not require medical attention.

STOLEN VEHICLE WITH APPREHENSION: Lincolnia Road / North Chambilss Street, 07/31/15 at about 5:14 p.m. An officer located a stolen vehicle stopped at a red light. The vehicle was stopped and the occupants were taken into custody. The vehicle was confirmed as stolen from Florida. Rose Rotondo, 63, of Vienna, was charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle.

GRAND LARCENY / TRESPASSING / POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 7100 block of Strathmore Street, 08/02/15 at about 7:00 a.m. A resident found a man sleeping on her porch who had been previously banned from the premises. Police located the suspect and arrested him. Nicholas Olson, 19, of Vienna was charged with grand larceny, trespassing and possession of marijuana.


7000 block of Columbia Pike, wallet from business

3100 block of Headrow Lane, wallet from residence

6200 block of Leesburg Pike, phone from business

4500 block of Southland Avenue, wallet from residence

6200 block of Yellowstone Drive, wallet from residence


6500 block of Little River Turnpike, 2000 Ford Econoline 250

3400 block of Luttrell Road, Toyota Venza


ASSAULT: 13100 block of Parcher Avenue, 08/01/15 at about 1:34 p.m. A man was approached by four male juveniles. The suspects assaulted the victim and fled. The victim did not require medical attention. The suspects were described as males in their teens. One of the suspects was wearing a black T-shirt. A second suspect was wearing a white T-shirt, blue jean shorts and a red baseball hat.

BURGLARY: 1000 block of Aziza Court, 08/01/15 at about 9:24 a.m. A homeowner reported someone entered the home and took property.


1700 block of Bracknell Drive, merchandise from business

11100 block of Branton Lane, property from residence

2500 block of Camberwell Court, property from residence

2100 block of Centreville Road, purse from business

2300 block of Hunters Woods Plaza, merchandise from business

2400 block of Masons Ferry Drive, cash from residence

1900 block of Reston Metro Plaza, bicycle from residence


DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY/DRUNK IN PUBLIC/ASSAULT ON LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: Horgan Rd/Kiernan Ct, 08/01/15 at about 2:24 p.m. Officers responded for a report of a man that was intoxicated and damaging vehicles. Officers located the man and arrested him. The suspect, Michael Helms, 21, of Alexandria was arrested and charged with destruction of property, drunk in public and assault on a law enforcement officer.

BURGLARY: 7400 block of Long Pine Drive, 08/01/15 at about 10:16 p.m. A resident reported that an unknown person entered the home and took property.


8900 block of Belvoir View, package from residence

5700 block of Burke Centre Parkway, merchandise from business

6500 block of Frontier Drive, merchandise from business

9800 block of Hagel Circle, license plate from vehicle

7800 block of Heritage, cash from business

6000 block of Kathmoor Drive, property from vehicle

9400 block of Lorton Market Street, wallet from business

6500 block of Springfield Mall, money from business

6500 block of Springfield Plaza, beverage from business

7700 block of Tea Table Drive, bicycle from residence 


5700 block of Backlick Road, 1999 Honda Civic



6000 block of Burke Commons Road, groceries from business

8400 block of Canyon Oak Drive, wallet from vehicle

8100 block of Carrick Lane, money from vehicle



3700 block of Center Way, property from residence

11600 block of Lee Highway, property from vehicle

12000 block of Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, electronics from business