The Daily Police Blotter for August 12, 2015

This report is published every weekday, except county holidays. The information in each report covers significant criminal incidents generally from the day before; reports published on Monday cover the preceding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Some incidents may appear a day or two after the occurrence.

The report contains selected crimes, including animal-related incidents and property crimes. The information is organized by police district station. Addresses shown indicate blocks and not specific locations. This report is not a comprehensive list of every police event in Fairfax County in the stated time frame.

Note: Information contained in the Daily Blotter is generally based on initial reports made to the police department. Follow-up investigations may reveal different or additional information.


Date Covered: 08/11/15

Total Calls for Service: 1339

Total Domestic Related Calls for Service: 35

Total Emotionally Disturbed Persons Calls for Service: 21


Officers will be conducting pedestrian education and enforcement in the area of the Vienna Metro through August 14, 2015.



4400 block of Brookfield Corporate Drive, merchandise from business.

14200 block of Centreville Square, wallet from business.

6800 block of Compton Heights Circle, cash from vehicle.

13900 block of Lightburn Lane, cash from vehicle.


INDECENT EXPOSURE, 5900 block of Richmond Highway, 08/11/15 at about 4:04 p.m. A man walked out of a bathroom of a hotel and exposed himself to an employee. The suspect was described as a black male, about 6 feet tall, wearing a white tank top and dark basketball shorts.


6800 block of Richmond Highway, purse from business.


ASSAULT BY MOB: 7800 block of Tysons Corner Center, 08/08/15 at about 1:30 a.m. The victim was in the parking lot of the TGI Fridays and was approached by a group of men. The suspects assaulted the victim and fled. The victim did not require medical attention. The suspects were described as Hispanic; two men were 5 feet 9 inches, approximately 150-160 pounds both with black hair. One was wearing a tank top and blue jeans. Another suspect was wearing a long sleeve black shirt and blue jeans.


2800 block of Juniper Street, license plates from vehicle

7900 block of Tysons Corner Center, merchandise from business


2000 block of Peach Orchard Drive, 2004 Toyota 4 Runner.


BURGLARY: 4100 block Mangalore Drive, 08/11/15 at about 10:10 a.m. A resident reported someone entered a residence and stole property.

ROBBERY: 6200 block of 8th Street, 08/11/15 at about 9:11 p.m. The victim was approached by a man who demanded money and his cell phone. The suspect took the victim’s property and fled. The victim did not require medical attention. The suspect was described as a 21-year-old black male, 6 feet 2 inches tall approximately 180-200 pounds with long, dark bushy hair.

UNLAWFUL ENTRY WITH APPREHENSION, 4800 block of Manitoba Drive, 08/11/15, at about 12:56 a.m. An employee reported a man entered a vacant apartment without permission. Officers located the suspect and arrested him. Anis Zerrouki, 37, of Alexandria, was charged with unlawful entry.


6500 block of Columbia Pike, property from residence.

6100 block of Leesburg Pike, property from vehicle.

3800 block of South George Mason Drive, beverage from business.


ATTEMPTED ROBBERY: 11700 block of Sunset Hills Road, 08/07/15 at about 7:17 a.m. A man walked into a business, displayed a knife and demanded money. When the victim refused to give the suspect any money he ran away. The victim did not require medical attention. The suspect was described as a white male, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, black sweatpants and a mask.

UNLAWFUL ENTRY, 10700 Falls Pointe Drive, 08/09/15. A resident reported an unknown person entered the residence through an unsecured door.


2300 block of Pimmit Drive, electronic equipment from vehicle.


ROBBERY: 6100 block of Wellington Commons Drive, 08/10/15 at about 2:14 a.m. The victim was approached by a man at the front door to her residence. The man pointed a gun at her and demanded her purse. The suspect took property and fled on foot. The victim did not require medical attention. The suspect was described as a male of unknown race, about 6 feet tall, wearing dark clothing and a black baseball cap.

EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED PERSON/ASSAULT ON LAW ENFORCEMENT: 5600 block of Bismach Drive, 08/11/15 at about 11:51 p.m. Officers were investigating a man who made threats to harm himself and others. Officers attempted to speak to the man but he ran to the kitchen and made a reference to getting a knife. He then assaulted an officer by throwing a cork screw at him. The officer deployed the conductive energy weapon (CEW) and he was taken into custody. Camilo Scardiglia, 27 of Alexandria was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer.


7900 block of Conell Court, property from vehicle.

6200 block of Farrington Avenue, license plate from vehicle.

6500 block of Gildar Street, jewelry from residence.

5800 block of Larpin Lane, property from vehicle.


INDECENT EXPOSURE, 4600 block of Commons Drive, 08/09/15 at about 1:07 a.m. The victim was standing outside of an apartment building and was approached by a man. The man exposed himself and fled. The suspect was described as Hispanic and in his 20s.


8000 block of Carbondale Way, electronic equipment from vehicle.

6100 block of Rolling Road, property from residence.


INDECENT EXPOSURE, 13300 block of Franklin Farm Road, 08/02/15 at 4:25 p.m. The victim was driving through the parking lot of a shopping center and saw a man standing partially on the roadway. The suspect exposed himself to the victim then fled. Officers checked the area but the suspect was not located. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, 140 pounds and wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans.


12300 block of Price Club Plaza, wallet from business.