Stay off the Tracks: FCPD Pedestrian Enforcement Effort with Railroad Police

Did you know that railroad tracks and the area around them are private property? Trespassing along them puts you at risk of more than just getting a ticket.  It could cost you your life.

Officers from the Fairfax County Police Department are partnering with the Norfolk Southern Railroad Police Department (NSPD) to raise awareness of safety around rail lines in Fairfax County.  The collaborative effort is part of the NSPD’s year-long Trespass Abatement Program, aimed at reducing trespassing along tracks, rights of way, and equipment to reduce the number of deaths and injuries.

Fairfax County was chosen as the location for the effort due to the number of injuries and casualties involving railroad property locations. Per the NSPD:

 2014 Trespasser Casualties: Fatalities – 3; 2 involved juveniles

  • 2015 YTD Trespasser Casualties: Injuries – 1 juvenile sustained multiple       lacerations and a broken hand      
  • 2014 Trespasser/Law Enforcement Interactions:
    • Warned & Ejected: 19; 15 of those were juveniles
    • Arrest: 3; 2 of those were juveniles
  • 2015 YTD Trespasser/Law Enforcement Interactions:
    • Warned & Ejected: 15; 11 of those were juveniles
    • Arrest: 4; all juveniles, 3 were involved in a train rocking incident that FCPD handled

Norfolk Southern and the Fairfax County Police offer these safety reminders:

    • Trespassing on railroad tracks is dangerous and illegal. The tracks, rail yards and equipment are private property. Walking, hunting, fishing, etc. on railroad tracks is considered trespassing. You could be hurt or killed.
    • The only safe place to cross railroad tracks is at designated public crossings where there are warning signals. If you cross anywhere else, you can be ticketed and fined.
    • Trains overhang the tracks by at least three feet on either side. If you are in the right of way near a track, you can be hit.
    • Do not hunt, fish, or bungee jump from railroad trestles. Trestles only have room for a train. They are not designed to be sidewalks or pedestrian bridges. Never walk, run, cycle, or drive ATVs on tracks, rights of way, or through rail tunnels.
    • Never attempt to hop aboard railroad equipment. A slip of the foot could cost you your life.
Pedestrian safety effort on the tracks.

Pedestrian safety effort on the tracks.