Sam Visits the FCPD!

110415SamOfcOrellano car

While many three-year-olds dress up as super-heros, monsters, goblins, or clowns on Halloween night, little Sam of McLean was determined to be a police officer.

With his blinking blue tennis shoes, shaped like cruisers, and a deep blue police uniform, Sam practiced his “serious face” before asking his folks if they would take him by the McLean District police station.

He told his parents he wanted to “meet the helpers” on Halloween.

McLean District personnel welcomed young Sam and took advantage of the opportunity to share a bit about law enforcement, as well as show some of the tools used by our patrol officers. Sam sat in a cruiser, demonstrated the lights and siren, blew a police whistle, held a badge, and took along stickers and pins for keepsakes of his memorable day. After a few safety talks and handshakes, Sam’s parents left the station with smiles on their faces.

Whether or not Sam decides to pursue a career in law enforcement, officers were happy to make a new friend that day.

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