Juvenile in Crisis Transported from School

Blue Gradient BadgePolice responded to a call for service regarding a 16-year-old student attending Chantilly High School, located at 4201 Stringfellow Road on Monday, November 9. The student was taken into emergency mental health custody yesterday after becoming aggressive and violent with school staff and later police.

School staff attempted to gain compliance but the student’s behavior became increasingly aggressive, erratic and dangerous. Staff then called for the School Resource Officer (SRO) to assist. The SRO, who has received Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training, attempted to verbally negotiate with the student, who continued to be uncooperative, made threats of self-harm, and threatened officers and others. It became necessary to take the student into emergency custody for the student’s  safety and welfare, and for the protection of others. The SRO called for additional officers to assist him as the student became more agitated. Officers attempted to gain control of the student by hand but the student aggressively resisted and pushed off of at least one of the officers while they attempted to control movement. Unable to gain control of the student after one hand was cuffed, one officer utilized an electronic control weapon (ECW) in drive stun mode to attempt to gain control of the student.

For reference: Drive stun is a method of using the ECW in a manner which does not cause neuro muscular incapacitation, which is uncontrolled muscle contractions that override an individual’s voluntary motor responses. In the drive stun method, no darts penetrate the recipient’s skin and their voluntary motor responses are not affected and the device is used as a countermeasure to gain compliance of an actively resisting or aggressive subject. It is often utilized as a pain distraction to enable officers to gain control of an individual. To see our full policy regarding ECWs click HERE.

The ECW assisted the officers in getting the student into custody; though, the active resistance continued, and attempts to self-inflict injury were made by striking their head on things. A parent was contacted and responded. The student was transported for evaluation.

The student did not sustain any injuries and no officers were injured in the struggle. No criminal charges are being sought based on this incident.

Due to the sensitive nature of this case, including medical treatment information, names of the parties involved will not be released.  A commander review process will be conducted in this use of force case, as is standard protocol.