Un Paseo Virtual con Nosotros; Que Esperar Si La Policia Lo Para

El Departamento de Policia de Fairfax County reconoce la diversidad de nuestra communidad y siempre buscamos formas de proporcionar informacion que es beneficiosa para el pubiclo en general.

Este video es de un paseo virtual que les imparte consejos y que usted puede esperar al ser detenido por un Official de Policia.

En un momento dado, un Official lo para cuando usted esta conduciendo su vehiculo, esperamos que este video le sirva como una explicacion de porque lo an detenido. Una de nuestras primeras metas es mantener la calles seguras para usted y su familia, y alentar habitos sanos por medio de educacion y aplicacion de la ley.

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Original Release Date: December 17, 2015

Ride Along with Us; What to Expect on a Traffic Stop

Ever wonder what to do if you get pulled over? Come, ride along with us on a virtual traffic stop. We’ll familiarize you with what to expect because everyone’s safety is our primary goal:

  • We will introduce ourselves, explain why you’ve been stopped and provide direction throughout to make the interaction as smooth and brief as possible.
  • Traffic stops are potentially dangerous situations for us. Are you a soccer mom/dad, just trying to get to work or practice or a wanted felon?
  • When you see those flashing blue lights behind you, pull over to a safe location. It could be the nearest shoulder, turn lane or parking lot. Try to get your vehicle completely out of the travel lanes.
  • We may approach from either side, depending on the location and other safety considerations.
  • Remain in your vehicle, we recommend keep your hands in view and minimize your movements. We may become alarmed if you or a passenger shifts or moves around a lot. Are you just looking for your license and registration? Or are you hiding/reaching for something illegal?
  • Police impersonators are out there. If you have doubts, find a bright and/or populated place to pull over. Turn on your four-way hazard lights to acknowledge the officer as you look for a safe and public location. You can also call 9-1-1 to report the stop or verify the person is actually a police officer.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you see another officer pull up. We often show up to check on each other, especially at night.

If you are issued a summons, you are required by law to sign it. It is not an admission of guilt and you have the right to contest the charge in court. Instructions are provided on the summons. Failure to sign could result in you being arrested and brought before a magistrate.

Should you ever get pulled over, we hope this video helps in your understanding of traffic stops. One of our primary goals is to maintain safe roadways for you and your loved ones and encourage safe driving habits through education and enforcement.