Update: Two Robberies; Three Suspects Arrested


Three juvenile males, all from Springfield, have been identified as suspects in two separate robberies involving a knife and BB gun.

The first robbery occurred at Forrester Boulevard near Royal Ridge Drive, on February 2, around 1:30 p.m. but was not was reported until February 8, at 10:59 a.m. Three juvenile males explained that they were walking home when they were approached by three other males.  One of the suspects produced a knife and demanded various items of property.  The victims refused to surrender their property.  As the victims left the area, one of the suspects shot a BB gun striking one of the victims in the leg.  The victim did not require medical attention.

The second robbery occurred at the same location but at 2:22 p.m. involving the same suspects. One of the suspects approached another victim, allegedly displayed a knife and demanded his shoes. The victim gave up his property then ran away and was not injured.

One of the suspects, 15, was arrested and charged with three counts of robbery. The second suspect, 14, was arrested and charged with two counts of robbery.  The last suspect, 16, was arrested and charged with two counts of robbery and assault.

Captain Christopher W. Edmunds, Commander of the West Springfield District Station, praised the efforts of his officers and said, “These cases were quickly resolved through a collaborative effort involving our investigative staff, the school resource officer, as well as input from a community member.  This is a perfect example of great police work coupled with community engagement which resulted in the apprehension of several juvenile suspects.”