Multi-Jurisdictional Motor Carrier Safety Inspection Cites 212 Safety Violations

As Spring warms up and rolls into Summer, more people head out onto the roadways for getaways, vacations and even day-to-day errands. Large commercial vehicles, when not properly maintained, can present a danger to drivers on the road. Bad brakes can significantly increase stopping distance. Balding or shredding tires can become a hazard if they blow out on the roadway. Broken down vehicles can become traffic hazards and cause traffic delays.

Nine law enforcement agencies from around the region participated in a coordinated Motor Carrier Safety IMG_7599inspection at E.C. Lawrence Park on Thursday, May 26. Certified inspectors checked a variety of commercial motor vehicles to include truck tractors pulling semi-trailers, dump trucks, landscape trucks and trailers, trash trucks and oversized loads. They closely inspected for licensing and registration, equipment and overweight violations.

Police pulled 74 trucks for inspection. A total of 212 safety violations were cited and 25 trucks were placed out of service, IMG_7550with 58 out-of-service violations. Those trucks were either repaired at the scene or towed from the park. Vehicles found to be safe were issued a Fairfax County MCS safety decal.

Fairfax County MCS officers operate year-round and assist with crash investigations involving commercial motor vehicles, conduct planned inspections at various locations throughout the county and also regularly patrol the roadways for unsafe trucks.

Participating in this year’s inspection effort were: Fairfax County Police, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, City of Manassas Police, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Virginia State Police, Loudoun County Fire Marshal’s Office, United States Park Police, Prince William County Police and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Law Enforcement Division.