Officer Named as “Distinguished School Resource Officer”

SRO of the year

For more than a decade school resource officers have helped ensure a safe learning environment for students and provide law enforcement resources to administrators. The award is small token of appreciation from the Fairfax County Public Schools. Police Officer First Class Darrell Estess of Oakton High School has been named as distinguished school resource officer for 2015-16. According to the Oakton High School administration, “Picture hundreds of Mosby Woods Elementary School students walking into the doors of Oakton High School, each one greeted by a welcome and high-five from Officer Estess to ease their minds after their unexpected school evacuation [recently],” adding that one of the Estess’s strengths includes positive daily interactions with students in an effort to build a sense of citizenship.

Estess was praised for supporting students both in and out of the classroom; this past fall, he helped arrange a ride-along with police officers from the Fair Oaks Police District for students interested in law enforcement.

“Finding the perfect balance between firm and compassionate can be a difficult task, but not for Officer Estess,” said Oakton High counselor Laura Osborne.  “Because of his ability to be a great listener and problem solver, he has connected both to the student population and the faculty in a way that I think is extremely rare for an SRO.”

Other finalists for the award were Police Officer First Class Kim Wright of Robinson Secondary School, Police Officer First Class Brett Manthe of Madison High School, and Police Officer First Class Brad Wrobel of Centreville High School. Thanks to all the officers helping keep schools safe all year long.