Chief Sends Out Special Thanks to All of You… Our Community


Police Chief Edwin C. Roessler Jr. with the newest teen police academy class. We encourage everyone to get involved and learn more about your police department. Adults: there’s a Citizen’s Police Academy just for you, too!

Fairfax County is the safest jurisdiction of its size, thanks to the high levels of engagement between all members of our diverse communities and our officers. We are blessed that we accomplish our mission of preventing and fighting crime in partnership with each of you and we give thanks for your support to your police department.

Each member of the Fairfax County Police Department views their role of serving and protecting our community as a noble cause which is their individual calling in life. On behalf of all the members of the FCPD, I thank you for your continued engagement, support, and random acts of kindness as we all strive to make our community safer.

Edwin C. Roessler Jr.

Chief of Police