Sharing Pokemon Go Safety Tips

Pokémon GO has become hugely popular and we understand you gotta catch’em all. While you’re out looking for Pikachu and Hitmonchan we want you to be safe.

The Fairfax County Police Department encourages everyone to stay alert. Rattatas are everywhere, but so are other pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers. The county also has numerous Pokestops which can be found in public places such as libraries and parks. Some Pokestops however, are on private property, empty lots and even cemeteries. Please be aware of where you are at all times. Even a Dragonite is not worth being charged with trespassing.

Parents should become familiar with the game before allowing children to download the app, as users often run into other players on the hunt. Kids should never play alone but with an adult or in a supervised group.

We recently spoke to some young Pokémon hunters as they searched Burke Lake Park. The kids have some great tips for both kids and adults. We would like to share this video with you.