@fairfaxpolice Surpasses 100,000 Followers on Twitter!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?? No! It’s 100,000 Twitter followers on @fairfaxpolice! 
We did it everybirdy! (get it??) We took our first flight in 2012 and we’ve just hit this major milestone and we’re be-warbler-ed… Err, bewildered, that is! (any bird lovers out there to appreciate that?)
We strive to continue delivering timely crime news and public-safety information you can use. Let’s not forget our loyal Facebook friends, YouTube subscribers, neighbors on Nextdoor.com and most recently, our Instagram entourage. 
Thanks to each and every one for your support, questions and comments. We enjoy the direct communication and two-way engagement made possible through all of our social media outlets and look forward to sharing countless more events, moments and notifications with all of you! 
And… to do more than just virtually celebrate this milestone with you, stay tuned for a sweet surprise. We’re not telling, but here’s a hint: We’re going to leave our computers behind and get out into the community for a special event!