October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month


The Fairfax County Police Department joins other community partners in observing October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The commemorative month began in 1989 to recognize and remember those that have been impacted by domestic violence as well as those who have stepped in to help end it. Every month in Fairfax County, we estimate that domestic violence hotlines receive over 240 calls, victims request 64 family abuse protective orders, 13 families escape to an emergency domestic violence shelter, and police arrest roughly 160 people for domestic violence-related offenses. In 2015, we responded to over 3000 domestic violence calls for service and almost 8000 calls for domestic disputes.

Domestic violence is typically a pattern of abusive and/or coercive behaviors used by an individual to gain or maintain power and control over another individual in the context of an intimate, dating, or familial relationship. Forms of domestic violence may be criminal (e.g. physical assault or stalking) or not (e.g. verbal abuse or financial control).

Together, we’re making a difference. Help break the cycle of domestic violence in our community. Learn more about what events and activities will be taking place this month throughout the county. http://www.fairfaxdvcommunity.org/dvam