FCPD WEEKEND RECAP Monday, December 12



5000 block of Cool Fountain Lane, purse from vehicle

14100 block of Saint Germain Drive, cell phone from business

5600 block of Stone Road, snacks from business


None reported


BURGLARY: 8100 block of Keeler Street, between 6 p.m. 12/8/16 and 8 a.m. 12/9/16. A home was burglarized and several tools were reported missing.


1500 block of Belle View Boulevard, liquor from business

1600 block of Belle View Boulevard, merchandise from business

7200 block of Harrison Lane, wallet from residence

3100 block of Jackies Lane, cell phone from business

7600 block of Richmond Highway, shoes from business


None reported


ROBBERY: 8000 block of Tysons Corner Center, 12/11/16 around noon. An investigation determined a 58-year-old woman was getting into her car. A man approached from behind and demanded her purse and jewelry. The victim complied and the suspect ran away. The victim did not require medical attention.

ROBBERY: 1700 block of Irvin Street, 12/10/16 around 10:45 p.m. A pizza delivery man was robbed while delivering food. The victim was approached by three males and two females, unknown ages. One of them displayed a handgun and demanded the victim’s belongings. He handed over his wallet and cash; the suspects also took a pizza bag and ran away. The victim did not require medical attention.


2500 block of Buckelew Drive, license plate from vehicle

2000 block of Chain Bridge Road, purse and cell phone from business

1700 block of Great Falls Street, purse and license plate from vehicle

8300 block of Greensboro Drive, jewelry from residence

9400 block of Lee Highway, package from residence

8100 block of Leesburg Pike, liquor from business

8300 block of Leesburg Pike, clothing from business

3000 block of Nutley Street, merchandise from business

8100 block of Tysons Corner Center, cell phone from buisness

9600 block of Verveille Drive, property from residence


None reported


BURGLARY: 7400 block of Little River Turnpike (Miso Restaurant), between 11 p.m. 12/8/16 and 9:40 a.m. 12/9/16. An investigation determined entry was forced through a door and cash was reported missing.


7200 block of Arlington Boulevard, cell phone from vehicle

4200 block of Daniels Avenue, property from residence

3300 block of Gallows Road, cash from business

5500 block of Leesburg Pike, cash from business

6200 block of Little River Turnpike, liquor from business

7400 block of Little River Turnpike, cell phone from business

5500 block of Seminary Road, cell phone from business

6300 block of Seven Corners Center, merchandise from business

3500 block of South Jefferson Street, property from vehicle


None reported



2300 block of Paddock Lane, wallet from vehicle

700 block of Springvale Road, packages from residence


None reported


ROBBERY: 6100 block of Rose Hill Drive, 12/10/16 between 7:30 and 8 p.m. A group of males, between 16 and 21 years old, robbed a 19-year-old man. The victim was approached by about five suspects who demanded his shoes and backpack. The victim refused; one suspect displayed a knife and another took the victim’s necklace then the suspects ran away. The victim did not require medical attention. This incident was not reported until the following day.

BURGLARY: 8800 block of Cherokee Rose Way, 12/9/16 between 3 p.m. and midnight. An investigation determined entry was made through an unlocked window. Several items including electronics and apparel were reported missing.

ROBBERY/BURGLARY: 5500 block of Broadmoor Street, 12/11/16 around 10 a.m. An investigation determined two teenaged boys robbed a 45-year-old man. The victim was doing construction work at a home when the suspects entered, threatened him with a knife and a hammer and demanded money. They took his wallet and stole his car. The car was found later, abandoned on Woodlawn Court. Further investigation determined the suspects burglarized the victim’s home in the 8700 block of Village Green Court shortly after robbing him. The victim was not injured. The investigation is ongoing.

RECKLESS DISCHARGE OF A FIREARM: 6500 block of Gildar Street, 12/11/16 just before midnight. Neighbors reported the sound of gunshots, then seeing a man run down the street and get into a car that appeared to be waiting there with someone inside. Officers did not find anything damaged or anyone injured; but they recovered a few bullet casings in the street. The investigation continues.

ROBBERY: 5800 block of Kingstowne Center, 12/10/16 around 7:30 p.m. A pizza delivery man was robbed at gunpoint while making a delivery. The suspect took the victim’s wallet, cash and phone and ran away. The suspect was described as black, about 6 feet 2 inches tall and 200 pounds, wearing dark-colored clothing. His face was covered.

WEAPONS DISCHARGE: 6100 block of Dorchester Street, 12/10/16 around 1:43 p.m. A 26-year-old man fired his gun at a group of people during an altercation. The incident stemmed from an ongoing argument between him and one of the acquaintances, a 21-year-old woman. An investigation determined she was at his home earlier in the day and had argued with him and other family members. She returned later with a group of men. They banged on the door and antagonized him to come outside. He carried his gun with him. Members of the group came toward him, he fired his gun and they left. No one was injured. The investigation continues to determine whether charges are appropriate.


9900 block of East Hill Drive, wallet and purse from vehicle

6100 block of Franconia Road, cigarettes from business

5700 block of Kingstowne Boulevard, jewelry from business

5800 block of Kingstowne Boulevard, merchandise from business

6500 block of Springfield Towne Center, cash from business

6500 block of Springfield Towne Center, merchandise from business


7400 block of Covent Wood Court, 2015 Honda Accord


BURGLARY: 9400 block of Eagle Trace, 12/10/16 between 4:45 and 8:20 p.m. An investigation determined entry was forced through a window. Jewelry and cash were reported missing.

INDECENT EXPOSURE/DRUNK IN PUBLIC/ARREST: Commerce Street/Old Keene Mill Road, 12/10/16 around 3:39 p.m. A woman flagged down an officer and reported a man was outside exposing himself. Officers located the suspect and determined he was intoxicated. James R. Fritz, 60, of Springfield, was arrested, taken to the adult detention center and charged with drunk in public. The victim declined to prosecute for the exposure.


MISSILE INTO AN OCCUPIED DWELLING/DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: 8600 block of Victoria Road, 12/11/16 around 5:15 a.m. An investigation determined a man approached a home and fired several rounds from a gun at it and the home next door. The shots caused damage but no one was injured. Detectives believe this was an isolated incident.

BURGLARY/ARREST: 9500 block of Main Street (Woodson High School), 12/10/16 around 2:10 a.m. Two teenaged boys, 15 and 14, were arrested for breaking into the school. Officers are seeking petitions for burglary.


5700 block of First Landing Way, cell phone from vehicle

9500 block of Meadow Grove Court, medication from vehicle

9300 block of Old Keene Mill Road, merchandise from business

6800 block of View Park Drive, cash from residence


None reported


SHOPLIFTING/POSSESSION OF BURGLARIOUS TOOLS/ARREST: 13000 block of Fair Lakes Shopping Center (Wal-Mart), 12/10/16 around 7:30 p.m. Two men were arrested for stealing cell phones. Anthony M. Johnson, 22, of Triangle, Va., and Jordan A. Thomas, 20, of Fairfax, were taken to the adult detention center and charged with concealing merchandise and possession of burglarious tools. Each suspect also had two outstanding warrants for grand larceny and larceny with the intent to distribute, which were served at the jail.

INDECENT EXPOSURE: 2900 block of Hunters Branch Road, 12/9/16 around 7 p.m. An investigation determined a 25-year-old woman was in an apartment complex building. As she was walking to an apartment, she turned and saw a man touching himself inappropriately. The suspect was described as Hispanic, between 20 and 30 years old, about 5 feet 6 inches tall and 200 pounds. He was wearing light gray sweatpants, a black zip-up jacket, sock and sandals. The victim did not require medical attention.


13000 block of Fair Lakes Shopping Center, cell phones from business

13300 block of Franklin Farm Road, wallet from business

11100 block of Lee Highway, documents from business

12300 block of Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, cell phone from vehicle


None reported


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Date Covered: 12/09/16 – 12/11/16

Total Calls for Service: 3,462

Total Persons Experiencing Mental Crisis Calls for Service: 48

Total Domestic-Related Calls for Service: 99

Total Crash Calls for Service: 303


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