Update – Video Released of Fairfax County Sheriff’s Deputy-Involved Shooting

Mason Police District – Now that the criminal investigation has concluded, and the Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney has rendered an opinion, detectives from the Major Crimes Division are releasing surveillance video of the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Deputy-involved fatal shooting that occurred on Monday, August 15, 2016. The video depicts a man, later identified as Yovani Amaya Gomez, walking around the bus stop area, holding a long, narrow weapon in his hand, as two security guards approach him. Gomez is seen striking one security guard in the head and neck area with the weapon and the security guard retreating. Several more security guards arrive and appear to attempt to contain Gomez. The Fairfax County Sheriff’s Deputy arrives and security guards direct him toward Gomez. Gomez runs directly at the Sheriff’s Deputy, while raising the weapon. The Sheriff’s Deputy is seen removing his service weapon from its holster as Gomez sprints toward him. The Sheriff’s Deputy backs away as Gomez swings the weapon at him. Although the view of the actual shooting is partially obstructed by one of the bus stop waiting areas, we know that the Sheriff’s Deputy shoots Gomez and then Gomez is seen rolling on the ground. The Sheriff’s Deputy then calls for paramedics as he approaches Gomez. Fairfax County Police officers arrive and render first aid to Gomez until rescue arrives a short time later. Gomez was pronounced dead at the hospital. The video above is a condensed version that depicts the most critical portions of the incident. To see the hour-long version, please click here: https://youtu.be/xp1uyBk0CW4

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