Gold Scam Warning

If you are a member of the media and interested in an interview on this case, we have a detective available at 1pm today (June 8th).

A warning from our Financial Crimes Division: A Fairfax County man is out $9,000 after con artists targeted him in an elaborate scam. Mandarin-speaking scammers seem to be preying on the Chinese community by selling them fake gold. This is happening around the country and now in Fairfax County.

The con men claim to have discovered a sealed jar while working on a construction site with gold medallions, gold Buddha statues, and documents claiming the gold was buried around 1920. They give the victim a small piece to have tested, which is actually authentic gold. The schemers then ask for cash in exchange for the gold, saying they need the money to get back to China. We want to get the word out about this to prevent future crimes. Our detectives say these scammers seem to be very organized.

Our detectives have recently executed a search warrant in Montgomery County and arrested three people accused of running this scam, with help from the Montgomery County Police Department. Those three people are 49-year-old Xiaoping Yang, 51-year-old Yinhui Huang, and 45-year-old Yueping Zhu.