Media Advisory: Media Police Academy Inaugural Session

It’s time to test your skills with Fairfax County’s finest! The Fairfax County Police Department is proud to offer its inaugural Media Police Academy. It will take place on July 20th from 8am to 4pm, at the Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy in Chantilly.


This exciting new program gives members of the media a first-hand look at a day in the life of an officer.  There will be several hands-on training scenarios including traffic stops.  This will give you a first-hand look at the safety considerations and tactics we use, and you will be able to conduct your own mock traffic stop from start to finish.


We will also have life-like exercises in other areas. You can flex your communication skills in a de-escalation scenario, test your decision-making abilities in the shoot-no shoot simulator, and learn how we handle a domestic incident.


Other discussions during the day will include release of information during investigations, use of force issues, and the way social media is changing law enforcement.


The Media Police Academy will be a fast-paced, informative program that is designed to foster a better understanding of law enforcement work and the reasoning behind police decision-making and policies.  The Fairfax County Police Department is excited to offer this opportunity to help our media partners better understand the role of law enforcement in the community.


Not only do we hope you learn a lot, but we will be happy to accommodate if you want to turn our Media Police Academy into your story for the day.


Please RSVP to Reem Awad by Monday July 17th at


The Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy is located at:

14601 Lee Road

Chantilly, VA 20151