13800 block of Braddock Road, purse from location

13800 block of Braddock Road, watch from location

4000 block of Mapleton Drive, property from residence

5600 block of Stone Road, beer from business


None reported


VEHICLE PURSUIT: 7800 block of Richmond Highway, 12/22/18, 4:43 p.m. An officer tried to stop a car for a traffic violation but the driver refused to pull over. Jamal Wali, 29, of Alexandria, eventually stopped his vehicle in a nearby shopping center.  Wali was arrested for felony speed to elude, resisting arrest, and disregarding a red light. His concealed weapons permit was suspended by our magistrate. No picture at this time.


8400 block of Frye Road, merchandise from business

2300 block of Huntington Avenue, merchandise from business

3100 block of Lockheed Boulevard, merchandise from business

7100 block of Mason Grove Court, packages from residence

3300 block of Memorial Street, wallet from vehicle

2500 block of Parkers Lane, cell phone from residence

2500 block of Parkers Lane, donations from business

2500 block of Parkers Lane, license plates from vehicle

2500 block of Parkers Lane, wallet from location

7200 block of Parsons Court, cash from vehicle

6300 block of Richmond Highway, merchandise from business

6600 block of Richmond Highway, merchandise from business

6700 block of Richmond Highway, merchandise from business

7400 block of Vernon Square Drive, property from residence


None reported


GRAND LARCENY: 1961 Chain Bridge Road (Bloomingdales), 12/21/18, 3:00 p.m. Officers were call to the store for a man was concealing merchandise. Officers found numerous additional items in the man’s jacket, waistband, and backpack. Also found in his backpack were wire cutting tools and drug paraphernalia. Quynh Tran, 45, of Maryland, was charged with grand larceny, receiving stolen goods, and possession of burglarious tools. Additional charges are pending.

122618, Mugshot - Tran, Quynh


8100 block of Arlington merchandise from business

1400 block of Balls Hill Road, license plate from vehicle

3000 block of Gate House Plaza, merchandise from business

7400 block of Lee Highway, purse from vehicle

9400 block of Lee Highway, merchandise from business

6800 block of Old Dominion Drive, sunglasses from vehicle

2300 block of Pimmit Drive, equipment from vehicle

3000 block of Nutley Street, leaf blower from vehicle

7800 block of Tysons Corner Center, purse from location


7100 block of Quincy Avenue, 2006 Acura TSX


BURGLARY/STOLEN VEHICLE/PURSUIT: 3200 block of Decourcey Court, 12/23/18, 7:32 a.m. The victim’s house was broken into overnight. His vehicle and other personal belongings were stolen. Officers later located the vehicle and attempted a traffic stop. Raymond Braxton, 27, with no fixed address, was arrested after initially refusing to pull over and fleeing from the vehicle. Braxton was charged with burglary, grand larceny, speed to elude, and driving on a suspended operator’s license.  No picture at this time.

DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED/ASSAULT ON LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER: 5500 block of Seminary Road, 12/23/18, 4:58 a.m. An off-duty District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Officer observed an unconscious man behind the wheel of a vehicle. The officer reached in the man’s window to attempt to turn the vehicle off. The man regained consciousness and began to drive away. The officer identified himself and told the man to stop his vehicle. The man exited the vehicle and hit the officer in the face.  Alonzo Nichols, 23, of Woodbridge was arrested for driving while intoxicated and assault on a law enforcement officer. No picture at this time.


6100 block of Arlington Boulevard, purse from location

6500 block of Columbia Pike, gift cards from school

5800 block of Crossroads Center, merchandise from business

6100 block of Little River Turnpike, cash from location

6200 block of Little River Turnpike, liquor from business

6200 block of Little River Turnpike, merchandise from business

7200 block of Little River Turnpike, liquor from business

4100 block of Medford Drive, clothing from residence

5800 block of Oakview Gardens Drive, credit cards from vehicle

3000 block of Patrick Henry Drive, beer from business

6300 block of Seven Corners Center, wallet from vehicle

3500 block of South Jefferson Street, liquor from business

3500 block of South Jefferson Street, merchandise from business


7300 block of Parkwood Court, 2006 Honda Odyssey


ROBBERY: 11929 Market Street #50 (Victoria’s Secret), 12/22/18, 7:30 p.m. A store manager confronted three women who were seen shoplifting. One suspect pepper sprayed the manager as well as a security guard that attempted to intervene. The suspects left in a dark colored Nissan Altima. They were described as black women in their 20s. The first suspect had a thin build, long black hair, a pink jacket with strips, and white sneakers. The second suspect had red hair, a blue jacket, a black shirt, and white and black sneakers. The third suspect had a black jacket, black pants, a white hat, and white and black sneakers.

ROBBERY: Monroe Street and Sunrise Valley Drive, 12/22/18, 8:05 p.m. While the victim was walking down the street, a man approached him with a gun and demanded his money. The man then got into a black sedan and drove away. Money was stolen from the victim; he was not injured. The man was described as black, with a deep voice, around 6 feet 2 inches tall, wearing a white coat.


2100 block of Centreville Road, merchandise from business

1800 block of Cranberry Lane, property from vehicle

11900 block of Market Street, merchandise from business

10700 block of Oldfield Drive, wallet from vehicle

1900 block of Sagewood Lane, wallet from residence

11100 block of South Lakes Drive, liquor from business

12100 block of Sunset Hills Road, merchandise from business


10800 block of Winter Corn Lane, 2010 Ford Goldline F150XLT


ATTEMPTED BURGLARY: 6100 block of Donival Square, 12/22/18, 4:40 a.m. A resident was awakened by a noise outside of his home. He looked outside the window and saw a man standing next to their truck. The man was seen walking towards the resident’s home. The resident heard more noise and discovered the man was trying to break in through a locked screened window. The man eventually walked away. Damage to the victim’s truck bed cover was later discovered. The man was described as white, between 5 feet 6 to 5 feet 8 inches tall, wearing a denim shirt.

ROBBERY: 9100 block of Ashland Woods Lane, 12/22/18, 11:09 p.m. A delivery driver dropped off food at a residence. While walking back toward his car, he was approached by 2 men with handguns. One of the men hit the driver on the head with the gun, knocking him to the ground. The men took the victim’s car keys, wallet, cell phone, and cash. They drove away in victim’s 2013 silver Toyota Camry VA registration WUJ-3980. The victim had minor injuries. The men were both described as black, wearing all black attire to include a face mask, jacket, and pants.

BURGLARY: 6767 Springfield Mall (Zumiez), 12/22/18, 06:30 a.m.  An employee reported that someone entered the business and took cash.

BURGLARY: 6767 Springfield Mall (Charlotte Russe), 12/22/18, 06:30 a.m. An employee reported that someone entered the business and took cash.

BURGLARY: 7700 block of Mary Beth Way, 12/22/18, 10:45 a.m. A resident reported that someone entered the residence and took cash and property.


5600 block of Dover Court, tools from vehicle

6500 block of Edsall Road, cigarettes from business

4500 block of Exeter Street, purse from location

7900 block of Hilltop Village Center Drive, merchandise from business

6800 block of Metropolitan Center Drive, luggage from vehicle

7000 block of Rhoden Court, property from vehicle

6100 block of Rose Hill Drive, medication from vehicle

7100 block of Silver Lake Boulevard, wallet and cell phone from residence

6800 block of Springfield Boulevard, property from vehicle

5400 block of Thetford Place, laptop computer and wallet from vehicle


None reported


BURGLARY: 7700 block of Asterella Court, between 12/20/2018, 11:30 a.m. and 12/21/2018 7:30 a.m. A resident went to leave their home and noticed that their deadbolt was broken and the door was unlocked. Nothing was taken from the home.


4200 block of Americana Drive, wheels and rims from vehicle

4200 block of Briarwood Court, property from residence

6000 block of Burke Commons Road, merchandise from business

8300 block of Luce Court, property from residence

9400 block of Old Burke Lake Road, merchandise from business

9800 block of Spillway Court, property from residence


4300 block of Markham Street, 2012 Honda CRV


BOMB THREAT: 9500 block of Blake Lane, 12/21/18, 11:40 a.m. Carlos Portillo, 35, of Fairfax, called Merrifield Crisis Response Center and threatened to shoot up the building with an AK-47 and use explosives if he did not talk to someone. Officers went to his residence and saw a man walk out of the house and sit on the front steps; he was immediately detained. The man, identified as Portillo, smelled of alcohol. A BB gun was found in his home. Portillo was charged with threats to bomb and drunk in public. 

122618, Mugshot - Portillo, Carlos


13000 block of Fair Lakes Shopping Center, merchandise from business

11700 block of Fair Oaks Shopping Center, wallet from location

13900 block of Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, liquor from business

13100 block of Pavilion Lane, documents from vehicle

3300 block of Willow Crescent Drive, package from residence 


None reported




Date Covered: 12/21/18 – 12/25/18

Total calls for Service: 5,922

Total Domestic Related Calls for Service: 167

Total Persons Experiencing Mental Crisis Calls for Service: 97

Total Crash Calls for Service: 490


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