FCPD WEEKEND RECAP for Monday, July 8


Date Covered: 07/03/2019 – 07/07/2019

Total calls for Service: 7,242

Total Domestic Related Calls for Service: 163

Total Persons Experiencing Mental Health Crisis Calls for Service: 89

Total Crash Calls for Service: 394


BURGLARY: 14800 block of Cranoke Street, 7/4/19, 2:30 a.m.  Someone entered the residence and stole cash.


13900 block of Big Yankee Lane, tools from vehicle

13900 block of Gunners Place, electronic device from location

14500 block of Lee Road, wallet from location

13900 block of Rockland Village Drive, electronic device from residence

4900 block of Stonecroft Boulevard, license plates from vehicle

5100 block of Westfields Boulevard, wallet from location

6700 block of White Post Road, cash from vehicle

5100 block of Woodford Drive, cell phone and GPS from location


None reported


AGGRAVATED ASSAULT/UNLAWFUL DISCHARGE: 3000 block of Fordson Court, 7/4/19, 12 a.m. Officers responded after reports of multiple gunshots were heard in the area. Officers located a victim with a minor gunshot injury who declined hospital treatment. Rounds also struck two cars and an apartment complex; no other injuries were reported. The suspect vehicle is described as a white SUV with dark tint. The suspects were described as being three young black males.

ROBBERY: 2800 Arlington Drive (Mount Vernon Swimming Pool), 7/7/19, 4:14 a.m. A man reported he was robbed after meeting a woman at a local pool. The man was assaulted by another man when he went into a nearby building. The suspect took the man’s personal property and left the area. The victim was treated at the hospital with injuries that were not life threatening. The suspect is described as black, in his 20s.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING: 7900 block of Richmond Highway, 7/4/19, 9:45 p.m. A man and a woman were assaulted by a man who was sweeping a commercial parking lot. The victims got into an argument with the man over fireworks. The man displayed a knife and assaulted the victims causing injuries that were not life threatening. The suspect is described as a middle-aged white man.

BURGLARY: 8600 block of Sacramento Drive, 7/3/2019, between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. Someone entered an apartment through the rear door and stole a firearm.


Tower Drive/Lenclair Street, cell phone from vehicle

8300 block of Brockham Drive, package from residence

7800 block of Dove Drive, license plate from vehicle

6600 block of East Wakefield Drive, wallet from vehicle

2300 block of Huntington Avenue, beer from business

3100 block of Lockheed Boulevard, property from residence

3200 block of Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, purse from vehicle

5900 block of Richmond Highway, scooter from location

6300 block of Richmond Highway, cell phone from location

7800 block of Richmond Highway, cell phone from location

76900 block of Richmond Highway, candles from business

2600 block of Sherwood Hall Lane, license plate from vehicle

6300 block of South Kings Highway, beverages from business


None reported


TRESPASSING: 8111 Leesburg Pike (McDonalds), 7/5/19, 10:16 p.m. An employee reported a man trespassing at the business. Officers found the man who falsely claimed to be an employee. The man refused to leave, resisted arrest and assaulted an officer. Hakeem Linkins, 30, (no fixed address), was charged with resisting arrest, trespassing and assault on a law enforcement officer. He was held without bond.

070819, Mugshot - Linkins, Hakeem

GRAND LARCENY: 1688 Anderson Road (Safeway), 7/6/19, 2:18 a.m. Three men entered the store and walked around for a few minutes before one of them made a small purchase. The other two men removed cash register drawers while the clerk was distracted by the sale.  All three men, described as black and in their 20s, ran out of the store, entered cars and drove away.


Merrilee Drive/Prosperity Avenue, bicycle from location

1600 block of Anderson Road, cash from business

8100 block of Arlington Boulevard, merchandise from business

1400 block of Balls Hill Road, cell phone from location

1700 block of Besley Road, property from residence

2900 block of Brook Drive, purse from residence

1500 block of Cornerside Boulevard, merchandise from business

8300 block of Greensboro Drive, laptop computer from residence

2000 block of International Drive, shoes from business

8400 block of Lee Highway, cell phone from residence

6200 block of Old Dominion Drive, property from residence


None reported


BURGLARY: 5800 block of Falls Gate Court, 7/5/19, 9 a.m.  Someone entered the garage and stole a bicycle.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING: 2900 block of John Marshall Drive, 7/5/19, 8:50 p.m. A teenager reported he was assaulted by several other males. During the attack he was struck by an unknown object that caused a large laceration. The suspects, described as Hispanic and in their late teens to early 20s, ran away.

PURSUIT: 6200 Seven Corners Center (Seven Corners Center), 7/6/19, 9:25 p.m. Officers tried to stop a black Audi A3 for a traffic violation when the man drove off. A short pursuit ended after officers lost sight of the car. A short time later, a driver was struck by the black Audi A3, and directed officers to its location. Officers found Javon Moore, 26, of Falls Church, who was charged with hit and run, driving on a suspended driver’s license, possession of marijuana and disregard police command to stop. He was held without bond.

070819, Mugshot - Moore, Javon

LARCENY/TRESPASSING: 4200 block of Wadsworth Court, 7/6/19, 5:15 p.m. A man reported that a woman knocked and entered his apartment when he answered the door. The woman took a cell phone and left. Officers located the woman and discovered she also pulled the fire alarm without cause. Luciana Hurtado, 24, of Annandale, was charged with trespassing, petit larceny and false fire alarm. Hurtado was taken to the Adult Detention Center and held without bond (no photo available).

GRAND LARCENY/POSSESSION OF BURGLARIOUS TOOLS: 6100 Arlington Boulevard (Target), 7/6/19, 5:06 p.m. An employee reported a man used a tool to unlock electronics and concealed merchandise. The man made a small purchase and left the store.


6100 block of Arlington Boulevard, merchandise from business

3400 block of Charles Street, beer from business

5700 block of Columbia Pike, merchandise from business

4000 block of Estabrook Drive, wallet from vehicle

5100 block of Leesburg Pike, merchandise from business

5500 block of Leesburg Pike, merchandise from business

6200 block of Leesburg Pike, merchandise from business

4900 block of Manitoba Drive, electronic device from business

5900 block of Merritt Place, tools from residence

3500 block of South Jefferson Street, merchandise from business


None reported


ASSAULT ON LAW ENFORCEMENT: Bluemont Way/Explorer Street, 7/6/19, 8:29 p.m. Officers found an unconscious man near the bus stop who was treated by medical personnel. Mario Rodriguez, 19, of Reston, assaulted an officer during the arrest and was charged with 2 counts of assault on law enforcement, possession of marijuana and drunk in public. He was held without bond.

070819, Mugshot - Rodriguez, Mario

BURGLARY: 2709 West Ox Road (Frying Pan Park), 7/6/19, 5:23 a.m. Officers responded to an alarm and discovered the building had been entered. Nothing was taken.


2000 block of Durand Drive, laptop computer from vehicle

12900 block of Highland Crossing Drive, tip jar from business

1400 block of Lake Fairfax Drive, cash and property from business

11900 block of Market Street, wallet from location

1400 block of West Ox Road, cell phone from location


None reported


POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE: 6868 Springfield Boulevard (Motel 6), 7/5/19, 8:07 a.m. Officers responded to the motel for a larceny report and found a man and woman who had several different narcotics along with stolen credit cards. Hieu Vu, 30, of Annandale, was charged with credit card theft, receiving stolen credit cards, possession of a scheduled I/II narcotic, possession of a firearm while possession of schedule I/II narcotic, possession of drug paraphernalia, forging a public record, resisting arrest, carry a concealed weapon, possession of ammunition by a felon and transporting a firearm. Chyanne Walker, 28, of Fredericksburg, was charged with possession with the intent to distribute a schedule I/II narcotic, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. Both were held without bond.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY: 5601 General Washington Drive (Subway), 7/4/19, 1 a.m.  Someone broke into the business overnight and stole cash.

TRESPASSING/DESTRUCTION: 9100 block of Sheffield Hunt Court, 7/7/19, 4:04 p.m. A home was entered and damage was discovered inside. A juvenile suspect was identified and charges are pending.


6500 block of Frontier Drive, frames from business

5800 block of Kingstowne Boulevard, merchandise from business

7200 block of Lackawanna Drive, cash from vehicle

9300 block of Lewis Chapel Road, license plate from vehicle

7200 block of Little River Turnpike, bicycle from location

7600 block of Loisdale Road, property from residence

10200 block of Old Colchester Road, wallet from vehicle

6800 block of Springfield Boulevard, credit card from location

6400 block of Springfield Plaza, merchandise from business

6700 block of Springfield Town Center, cell phone from location

8900 block of Waldren Way, packages from residence

7400 block of Wounded Knee Road, cash from vehicle


None reported


ASSAULT ON LAW ENFORCEMENT: Rectory Lane/Sutter Lane, 7/6/19, 5:47 p.m. An officer attempted to arrest a man known to be wanted when the man assaulted the officer and ran off. Officers caught up to him and arrested Ronnie Williams, 33, of Annandale. Williams was charged with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, escape with force and violation of a protective order. He was held without bond.

070819, Mugshot - Williams, Ronnie


8200 block of Getty Court, registration from vehicle

7300 block of Little River Turnpike, ladder from location

7400 block of Little River Turnpike, package from residence

8700 block of Laurel Crest Drive, wallet from location

9200 block of Old Keene Mill Road, purse from location

6800 block of Riata Court, jewelry from residence

6100 block of Rolling Road, laptop computer from vehicle


None reported


LARCENY/POSSESSION OF BURGLARIOUS TOOLS/CONTRIBUTING TO THE DELINQUENCY OF A MINOR: 11828 Fair Oaks Shopping Center (Sephora), 7/6/19, 9:22 p.m. An employee reported a man and a young juvenile concealed merchandise and attempted to leave the store. Dwayne Dennis, 38, of Herndon, was charged with petit larceny, possession of burglarious tools and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
070819, Mughot - Dennis, Dwayne


13700 block of Atlantis Street, rims and tires from vehicle

2900 block of Chain Bridge Road, merchandise from business

11800 block of Fair Oaks Shopping Center, merchandise from business

3200 block of Jermantown Road, wallet from location

11100 block of Lee Highway, merchandise from business

4200 block of Members Way, wallet from residence

12400 block of Rose Path Circle, headphones and cash from vehicle

4000 block of Walnut Cove Circle, wallet from vehicle

3300 block of Willow Crescent Drive, package from residence

3300 block of Willow Crescent Drive, wallet from residence


13100 block of Misty Glen Lane, 2004 Toyota Corolla




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