Media Alert: Launch of Anti-Drunk Driving Checkpoint Strikeforce Campaign

Join Colonel Edwin C. Roessler Jr., Fairfax County Police Chief; John Saunders, Director of Highway Safety for the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and Kurt Erickson, President, Virginia-based Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) as they discuss the launch of the 18th annual anti-drunk driving Checkpoint Strikeforce Campaign.



Public Safety Headquarters

12099 Government Center Parkway

Press Room: 2nd Floor

Fairfax, Virginia 22035


Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 2:30 p.m.


Please DO NOT park in the fire lanes. Parking is available in two garages. Please take note of the vehicle height clearances so you don’t damage your vehicles. When you enter the round-about in front of our building, veer right and you will see a garage on your left and a garage on your right.

There are a few first-come-first-serve spots as soon as you enter the garage on the right. There are additional visitor spots in the garage on the left. There will be officers outside to help guide you.