18th Annual Drug Take Back Day Results

Our department coordinated efforts with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board and Health Department for a successful 18th Annual Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, Oct. 26.  Each of our district stations along with Wegmans in Chantilly served as collection sites. A total of 1,246 pounds of unused and expired prescription drugs were collected.

Sully 5 bags 93 pounds
Mount Vernon 3 bags 127 pounds
McLean 6 bags 210 pounds
Mason 5 bags 91 pounds
Reston 13 bags 145 pounds
Franconia 7 bags 131 pounds
West Springfield 12 bags 249 pounds
Fair Oaks 7 bags 153 pounds
Wegmans 3 bags 47 pounds
TOTAL 61 bags 1,246 pounds


This initiative addresses vital safety and public health issues. Unused or expired over-the-counter or prescription medicine left unsecured are susceptible to misuse and can contribute to overdoses and accidental poisonings.

4 Ways to Safely Dispose of Unused Medications

In addition to this annual initiative, drug take back boxes are available year round at each of our eight police stations. Accepted items include prescription medication (schedule II-V controlled and non-controlled), prescription ointments, over-the-counter medications and medications for pets. Prohibited items include needles (sharps), liquids of any kind, illegal drugs, non-prescription ointments and lotions, aerosol cans, and inhalers.

Since the implementation of  the drug take back boxes in November 2017 we have collected 4,183 pounds of prescription drugs. This includes 3,448 pounds of prescription drugs collected to date in 2019. These amounts do not include the Drug Take Back Day collections.

Our district stations are always open to the public. Addresses and additional information on each of our stations are available at the following links:

Sully District Station

Mount Vernon District Station

McLean District Station

Mason District Station

Reston District Station

Franconia District Station

West Springfield District Station

Fair Oaks District Station

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