Fairfax County Police Aim to Better Understand Community Sentiment

The Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) continually strives to engage with the community and to seek additional ways to understand how the community feels about the agency. In an effort to further this goal we have launched a new pilot program between FCPD and Axon’s My90.  This nine-month pilot program begins today and will send text messages to people who reach out to the police department requesting select types of service. The engagement tool will generate text messages in both English and Spanish. These messages will ask a series of questions, such as “Prior to your interaction with the officer, how did you view FCPD?” Respondents then click the response: very positively, positively, neutrally, negatively or very negatively. Survey results will be paired with comprehensive analytics, which will help guide our department with future engagement strategies without collecting personal identifying information.  Surveys gathered through the pilot program with My90 are confidential and will not be used to identify officers or community members, or to initiate formal complaints or commendations. Those interested in completing the survey can also do so voluntarily by clicking HERE.

A sample text of what community members will receive.

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