CALLS FOR SERVICE SUMMARY:                  

Date Covered: 7/22 – 7/28/22

Total Calls for Service: 8,340

Total Domestic Related Calls for Service: 230

Total Persons Experiencing Mental Health Crisis Calls for Service: 246

Total Crash Calls for Service: 621


Motorcyclist Succumbs to Injuries from June 29 Motorcycle Crash

Driver Charged for July 6 Fatal Pedestrian Crash in Alexandria


STABBING: 5700 block of Ottawa Road, 7/26/22, 9:15 p.m. Two women got into a dispute which resulted in a 32-year-old woman of Falls Church, stabbing the victim. Officers arrested the woman, and she was charged with malicious wounding. The two were known to each other and this was not a random act. The victim was treated for injuries not considered life threatening.  


COMMERCIAL ROBBERY: 6138 North Kings Highway (7-Eleven), 7/22/22, 10:21 p.m. A 30-year-old Spotsylvania man entered the business, implied he had a weapon, and took money and merchandise. He was arrested and charged with robbery.  No injuries were reported. 

RECKLESS DISCHARGE: 4100 block of Augustine Street, 7/23/22, 11:27 p.m. The driver of a gold sedan fired 12 to 15 gunshots and drove away. Officers recovered several spent cartridge cases. No injuries or property damage were reported.  

WEAPON BRANDISHING: 2300 block of Huntington Avenue, 7/27/22, 12:06 a.m. A man left a business without paying for merchandise. When confronted, the man displayed a handgun and walked away. 

VEHICLE TAMPERING: 100 block of Denfield Drive, 7/27/22, 12:29 a.m. Several community members called stating two juveniles were trying door handles and entering unlocked vehicles. The two juveniles ran away and were apprehended nearby. The juveniles were released to their parents, petitions are pending.  


No events to report.


MALICIOUS WOUNDING: 7200 block of Columbia Pike, 7/22/22, 7 p.m. The victim and a 29-year-old Arlington man got into an argument. The man pulled out a box cutter and cut the victim on the lower body. The victim was treated for injuries not considered to be life threatening. The man was arrested for malicious wounding, resisting arrest, and drunk in public. 

ROBBERY: 6200 block of Little River Turnpike, 7/22/22, 10:03 p.m. Two men approached the victim, assaulted him, displayed a handgun, and took property.  The two men left in a sedan. No injuries were reported.

COMMERCIAL ROBBERY: 4239 John Marr Drive (K Market), 7/23/22, 7:29 p.m. A man exited the store with merchandise without paying. When confronted by a store employee, the man implied he had a knife. A second man assaulted the victim. Both men drove off in a small sedan. No injuries were reported.

BURGLARY WITH APPREHENSION: 7300 block of Parkwood Court, 7/27/22, 10:52 p.m. The victim heard a noise at the front door and saw a 30-year-old Herndon man standing in his foyer.  The victim retreated to his bathroom and called police.  Officers responded and arrested the man inside the apartment. He was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling. No Injuries were reported.

COMMERCIAL ROBBERY: 6165 Arlington Boulevard (McDonald’s), 7/28/22, 8:32 p.m. The victim was working the drive-through window and was approached by three men inside a car. One of the men exited the car, displayed a firearm, and took property. No injuries were reported.  


ATTEMPTED COMMERCIAL BURGLARY: 10510 Leesburg Pike (Tobacco Hut), 7/28/22, 3:19 a.m. A store employee was awoken by a noise on the roof. He checked store surveillance cameras and saw two juveniles on the roof attempting to get inside. Officers found the juveniles hiding nearby. One of the juveniles was released to his parents. The second juvenile was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center and petitions for burglary were served.     


ASSAULT BY MOB: 7100 block of Little River Turnpike, 7/24/22, 1 a.m. The victim walked out of a business and was assaulted by three to four unknown men. No injuries were reported. 

COMMERCIAL ROBBERY: 6400 Springfield Plaza (ABC Store), 7/26/22, 7:30 p.m. Three women took merchandise without paying. When confronted by a store employee, one of the women hit the employee with a bottle. The women left the area in a light-colored SUV. The victim was treated for injuries that were not considered to be life threatening. 

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY: 6116 Franconia Road (Royal Pawn), 7/28/2022, 3:40 p.m. Three men forced entry into the business and took property.


ROBBERY: 7700 block of Patriot Drive, 7/26/22, 9:30 a.m. A man approached the victim, assaulted her, took property, and left. No injuries were reported. 

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY: 7320 Gambrill Road (Halls Corner Automotive), 7/26/22, 6 a.m. A man forced entry into the business and damaged property.


No events to report


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