FCPD Update on Felony Traffic Stop in Mount Vernon

On Oct. 1, 2022, a cell phone video, posted via Instagram, shows a woman interacting with Fairfax County police officers during a traffic stop in the Mount Vernon District.  

This happened around 3:30 pm yesterday when patrol officers were alerted to an Arlington County LPR entry for a vehicle that had been entered into National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Officers verified the alert as a felony vehicle with occupants listed as armed and dangerous, traveling in the area of Richmond Hwy and South Kings Hwy. Patrol officers soon found the vehicle, conducted a felony vehicle stop and detained the occupants. Two adult women and two children were discovered in the vehicle. During the stop, an officer’s cruiser struck the front bumper of the wanted vehicle while traveling at an estimated speed under 10 mph. There was minimal damage to the car.  

Further information confirmed the stopped vehicle was the wanted vehicle involved in an incident in Arlington County and they requested the car be stopped so the occupants could be identified. Officers identified the occupants, determined they were not owners of the vehicle, were not involved in the incident in Arlington County, and were released. The driver requested to be taken to the hospital by Fire & Rescue personnel at that time.  

FCPD has initiated an administrative review of the incident.