FCPD Announces Successful ’50 Means 50’ Fairfax County Parkway Campaign Results

Between May 8th and May 12th, the Fairfax County Police Department launched the “50 Means 50” campaign to deter dangerous driving behavior on the Fairfax County Parkway.

FCPD initiated the “50 Means 50” campaign after an officer was nearly killed during a traffic stop on May 1.

A 17-year-old driver was traveling northbound on the Fairfax County Parkway prior to Braddock Road at a high rate of speed and lost control of their 2018 BMW M3. The M3 spun around, crossed the median, struck a community member’s vehicle and then the officer’s vehicle. The officer was struck and nearly killed. Thankfully, the community member and the officer only suffered minor injuries.

In response to this incident along with the increased reckless driving incidents observed across the county, FCPD officers from across the county came together to launch the ’50 means 50’ campaign. This high-visibility and coordinated enforcement campaign centered around deterring aggressive driving, reducing crashes, and changing driving behavior.

Officers from all Fairfax County District Stations participated in this effort. They enforced an array of traffic violations with a focus on speeding, reckless speeding, hands-free violations, and licensing violations. Through this campaign, officers issued 890 traffic summonses, and 163 warning tickets totaling 1,053 observed violations.  

Speeding – General24962311
Reckless – Speed (20+ mph, or >85mph)31 31
Hands-Free Violations421355
Disregard a Highway Sign11716133
No Operators License20 20

 ** The citations and warnings above do not encompass all issued during last week’s enforcement.**

FCPD remains committed to traffic safety and will continue to enforce traffic laws and educate drivers to help make our roadways a safer place for everyone.

You can view our release about the crash here.

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