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Fairfax County Police Department 2015 Annual Report now Available

According to a recent report by the United States Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, The Fairfax County Police Department is the 34th largest local police department in the United States, by number of full-time sworn personnel, 2013. To see a glimpse of The Fairfax County Police Department in 2015, visit this page:  

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FCPD 2015 National Crime Statistical Information (Group A Offenses) Released

The Police Department’s Crime, Traffic and Intelligence Analysis Division of the Planning and Research Bureau has made available the 2015 Incident-Based Reporting (IBR) crime statistical data for Group A offenses. This report summarizes the Fairfax County Police Department’s CY2015 crime data as reported to the Virginia State Police Incident-Based Reporting System. The IBR system was adopted in 1989 and is

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Fairfax County Police Crime Statistics for 2013 & 2014

Crime Data for Fairfax County for 2013-2014 is posted on the police public web site here We are pleased to share that overall crime in the county decreased 2.44%. The links on the Crime Statistics page will allow you to view crime statistics overall and specifically by police districts. We encourage everyone to stay informed and engaged with your police

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