The Daily Police Blotter for August 31, 2015

This report is published every weekday, except county holidays. The information in each report covers significant criminal incidents generally from the day before; reports published on Monday cover the preceding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Some incidents may appear a day or two after the occurrence.

The report contains selected crimes, including animal-related incidents and property crimes. The information is organized by police district station. Addresses shown indicate blocks and not specific locations. This report is not a comprehensive list of every police event in Fairfax County in the stated time frame.

Note: Information contained in the Daily Blotter is generally based on initial reports made to the police department. Follow-up investigations may reveal different or additional information.


Date Covered: 08/28/15 to 08/30/15

Total Calls for Service: 3874

Total Domestic Related Calls for Service: 102

Total Persons Experiencing Mental Crisis Calls for Service: 40

Total Crash Calls for Service: 259


CHECKPOINT, Little River Turnpike near Heritage Drive, 08/29/15. Officers conducted a DWI checkpoint for drunk drivers. Eight-hundred-fifty vehicles passed through. No drivers were charged with DWI and one summons was issued.

DIRECTED PATROL, 08/29/15. Seven agencies and 40 officers participated in a joint DWI enforcement effort across Fairfax County. Seven drivers were charged with DWI, six were charged with reckless driving, sixty-four traffic summonses were issued, and eleven criminal arrests were made.


BURGLARY O F AN OCCOPIED DWELLING, 13300 block of Green Mallard Court, 08/29/15 at about 6:08 a.m. The two victims awoke to the sound of the basement door being opened by force. The suspect fled upon realizing there was more than one person in the room. The victims did not require medical attention.

STOLEN VEHICLE WITH APPREHENSION, 14600 block of Lee Highway, 08/28/15 at about 5:14 p.m. An officer located a stolen vehicle unoccupied. While waiting for additional responding officers, a man entered the stolen vehicle and fled. Officers followed the vehicle and the driver exited the vehicle on Summer Pond Drive near Morning Dove Lane. With assistance from the police helicopter and K9 team, the suspect was located and arrested. Floyd A. Vesselee, 18, of Centreville, was charged with possession of stolen property, altered license plates, possession of marijuana and driving on a revoked license. 


6000 block of Callaway Court, property from residence.

6700 block of Cub Run Court, cash from vehicle.

6100 block of Kendra Way, cash from vehicles.

6700 block of Rockledge Place, property from vehicle.

14500 block of Woodgate Manor Place, cash from vehicle.



7900 block of Audubon Avenue, phone from residence.

2200 block of Colonial Woods Drive, property from residence.

1000 block of Dalebrook Drive, property from residence.

8100 block of Mount Vernon Highway, beverage from business.

6200 block of North Kings Highway, bicycles from business.

6300 block of Richmond Highway, merchandise from business.

6300 block of Richmond Highway, wallet from business.

2600 block of Wagon Drive, property from residence.



1900 block of Chain Bridge Road, merchandise from business.

5900 block of Ranleigh Manor Drive, property from residence.


DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY/DWI, 6600 block of Little River Turnpike, 08/24/15 at about 2:05 a.m. Officers were called to the Pinecrest Golf Course for a report of a vehicle driving on the property. Officers located the suspect and arrested him. David S. Carr, 31, of Alexandria was charged with DWI, trespassing, and felony destruction of property.


6600 block of Columbia Pike, phone from park.

5800 block of Crossroads Center, merchandise from business.

3300 block of Glen Carlyn Road, phone from business.

6200 block of Little River Turnpike, beverage from business.

7200 block of Little River Turnpike, beverage from business.

6000 block of Madison Pointe Court, license plate from vehicle.

3000 block of Patrick Henry Drive, beverage from business.

6200 block of Seven Corners Center, wallet from business.

3500 block of South Jefferson Street, merchandise from business.

6300 block of Strawbridge Square Drive, property from vehicle.


6000 block of Bellview Drive, 1997 Honda Accord


ROBBERY, 13300 block of Woodland Park Road, 08/29/15 at about 6:35 p.m. The victim was sitting in his vehicle and was approached by two male juveniles. The suspects displayed a knife and demanded property. The suspects took property and fled to a nearby apartment complex. With the assistance of the police helicopter and K9 Team, the suspects were located and arrested. Two 16 year-old juvenile males from the Sterling and Herndon area were charged with robbery.

PERSON EXPERIENCING A MENTAL CRISIS, 10900 block of Great Passage Court, 08/30/15 at about 7:01 p.m. Officer responded to a residence for an adult male acting violent towards himself and family members. When officers arrived, the man was located in the basement of the residence in a very aggressive state, destroying property and with obvious signs of self-inflicted injuries. After failing to heed to officers verbal commands, the Pepperball system was deployed, however, the man’s aggressive behavior continued. Officers deployed the conductive energy weapon (CEW) and the man was taken into custody under an Emergency Custody Order (ECO). The adult male was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and for a mental health evaluation.


12300 block of Copenhaven Court, phone from business.

11400 block of Orchard Green Court, property from vehicle.

11900 block of Sentinel Point Court, cash from vehicle.

11000 block of Solaridge Drive, electronic equipment from vehicle.

11500 block of Southington Lane, cash and property from vehicle.



6200 block of Charles Goff Drive, materials from school.

6100 block of Franconia Road, beverage from business.

6500 block of Grange Lane, property from residence.

10600 block of Gunston Road, property from residence.

5600 block of Independence Circle, wallet from vehicle.

6500 block of Springfield Mall, purse from business.


BURGLARY O F AN OCCOPIED DWELLING, 8200 block of Toll House Road, 08/28/15 at about 3:38 p.m. The victim awoke to flashlights within the residence. It appears an unknown person entered the residence and took property.


7700 block of Donnybrook Court, wallet from vehicle.

9500 block of Old Keene Mill Road, beverage from business.

5200 block of Port Royal Road, license plates from vehicle.

6100 block of Rolling Road, license plate from vehicle.

8400 block of White Feather Court, license plates from vehicle.



3100 block of Cobb Hill Lane, property from vehicle.