Christmas Anti-Theft Team Apprehends Suspects in Fraud Scheme

Members of the department’s “Christmas Anti-Theft Team” (CATT) apprehended four men who were working together to make fraudulent purchases with stolen credit card information. On Monday, November 23, around 9:20 p.m., CATT officers were contacted by employees of the Apple store, inside Tysons Corner Mall. The officers determined there were two men inside the store who reportedly purchased 21 iPhone 6s Plus phones, totaling more than $19,000. The men used numerous credit cards to make the purchases. When some of the cards were declined, one of the men produced other credit cards to complete the purchases.

The suspects left the store and officers located them as they split up. One suspect was detained as he attempted to enter a vehicle, which arrived to pick him up. Two additional suspects were in that vehicle. The second suspect was apprehended exiting the opposite side of the mall.

Further investigation led to the arrest of all four men.

Yannick V. Dopwell, 32, of Elmont, New York, was charged with five counts of credit card forgery and five counts of credit card larceny.

112415 Yannick Dopwell

Yannick V. Dopwell


Roberto Alejandro Dopwell Carmona, 23, of Jamaica, New York, was charged with nine counts of credit card larceny.

112415 roberto alejandro dopwell carmona

Roberto Alejandro Dopwell Carmona


Antoine Anthony Clark, 29, of Roosevelt, New York, was charged with possession of stolen goods, grand larceny and eight counts of credit card fraud.

112415 antoine anthony clark

Antoine Anthony Clark


James Alex King, 27, of Elmont, New York, was charged with nine counts of credit card larceny and possession of marijuana.

112415 James King

James Alex King


Between the four suspects, they had 241 counterfeit credit cards in their possession. All four were held without bond.