Fairfax County Recognized as Leader in Improving Neighborhood Communication with Nextdoor

Today, the Fairfax County Police Department was recognized as a leader for its efforts in strengthening communication and collaboration amongst neighbors and police to build safer communities on Nextdoor, the private social network for neighborhoods. Since partnering with the neighborhood social network a year ago, Fairfax County has become the fastest growing county using Nextdoor in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

The Fairfax County Police Department partnered with Nextdoor to provide another countywide and neighbor-to-neighbor communications channel. The Fairfax County Police Department is constantly looking for avenues to effectively communicate and engage with neighbors.

Over the past year, adoption of Nextdoor by neighbors across Fairfax County has more than doubled. Now more than 100,000 residents, in more than 760 neighborhoods, are connected to each other and the police department.

“Our county is stronger and safer when we have informed and involved residents,” Colonel Edwin C. Roessler Jr., Chief of Police, said. “Nextdoor has been a great way for residents to become more engaged within their own communities and with the Police Department. We are excited that so many neighborhoods are participating and encourage more residents to join.”

The Fairfax County Police Department and neighbors have worked together on Nextdoor to make communities safer, from hosting and attending self-defense classes, to discussing the dangers of addiction, to working together to reduce neighborhood crime.  In fact, last month the police department and neighbors were able to catch a serial burglar who had broken into dozens of homes across the county. Thanks to a Nextdoor post from the police, a vigilant neighbor noticed a suspicious person in the area and called police, leading to the burglar’s arrest.

“The Fairfax County Police Department is one of the top Nextdoor counties in the country” said Joseph Porcelli, Senior City Strategist at Nextdoor. “As proven today, many residents feel a stronger connection to their neighbors and the Police Department, and we are honored that Nextdoor has played a role in that.”

At today’s news conference, Lt. Col. Ryan recognized a handful of Fairfax County neighborhoods for their dedication to building stronger, safer communities:

  • Most Members Enrolled – Fort Hunt-Stratford
  • Most Talkative Neighborhood – Bentana Park
  • Most Supportive Neighborhood – Hunters Green Cluster
  • Most Social Neighborhood – Reflection
  • Most Helpful Neighborhood – Memorial Heights
  • Most Generous Neighborhood – Chantilly Highlands
  • Most Watchful Neighborhood – Old Trail
  • Most Welcoming Neighborhood – WVPCA
  • Nextdoor Neighborhood Champions – Burning Bush


Nextdoor is free for residents. Each Fairfax County neighborhood has its own private Nextdoor neighborhood website, accessible only to residents of that neighborhood. Neighborhoods establish and self-manage their own Nextdoor website and the County cannot access residents’ websites, contact information or content. All members must verify that they live within the neighborhood before joining Nextdoor. Information shared on Nextdoor is password protected and cannot be accessed by Google or other search engines.

Those interested in joining their neighborhood’s Nextdoor website can visit nextdoor.com and enter their address. If residents have questions about their Nextdoor website, please visit help.nextdoor.com.