Chief Roessler Releases Video of November U.S. Park Police Shooting in Fairfax County

*Warning: This video of the U.S. Park Police shooting contains graphic images*


With the Fairfax County Government’s commitment to transparency in mind, today Chief of Police Edwin C. Roessler Jr. is sharing video of the U.S. Park Police fatal shooting of a McLean man. Chief Roessler has met with the family of 25-year-old Bijan Ghaisar. They have seen the video. The U.S. Park Police shooting occurred on November 17, 2017, in Fairfax County and was captured on the in-car video system of a Fairfax County cruiser which provided back-up in the U.S. Park Police pursuit of Mr. Ghaisar. Fairfax County Police officers did not discharge their weapons. The FBI is investigating the shooting.

Chief Roessler today stated, “As a matter of transparency to all in our community, especially the Ghaisar family, and as the administrative custodian of the video, I am releasing the in-car video of the U.S. Park Police shooting. The video does not provide all the answers. However, we should all have confidence in the FBI’s investigation of this matter as I know it will be thorough, objective and professional.”

(Original release date: December 4, 2017)

UPDATE: News Conference Today; Chief Roessler to Update Community on November U.S. Park Police Shooting in Fairfax County



UPDATE: In case you missed today’s press conference regarding the November U.S. Park Police shooting in Fairfax County, we have provided a recording of the conference.



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(Original release date: November 22, 2017)

Chief Roessler’s Statement on the U.S. Park Police Shooting in the Mount Vernon District

To the Residents of Fairfax County:

As your Chief of Police, I want to ensure you have the latest information on the U.S. Park Police’s officer-involved shooting that occurred in the Mount Vernon District on Friday, November 17. Below is a news release the FBI sent to the media last night.


Here’s what I can share with you regarding our department’s response:

  • We had two police officers who provided backup to the USPP in its pursuit Friday evening and at the scene of its shooting.
  • Our officers did not discharge their duty weapons.
  •  I deployed our officer-involved shooting team to respond to the scene to investigate despite knowing preliminarily our officers had not discharged their weapons. This was done out of an abundance of caution and in accordance with our protocols to understand and account for all the actions of our officers.
  •  Since our officers were not directly involved in the deployment of deadly force, I consider them to be law enforcement witnesses (indirectly involved).  Based on this conclusion, they remain on full duty.
  • We stand in full cooperation with the federal authorities who are investigating the USPP incident.
  •  Our agency has turned over our evidence in this case, in-car videos, to the federal authorities conducting the investigation into the USPP.

We remain committed, as always, to providing our community with accurate and relevant information.


Edwin C. Roessler Jr.

Chief of Police