FCPD RECAP Wednesday, January 2


ROBBERY: 6330 Multiplex Drive (Exxon Gas Station), 12/31/18, 8:21 p.m. A store clerk reported to officers that a man entered the store, pulled out a gun, and stole money from the register. No one was injured. The suspect was described as a black man, 20-25 years old, about 5’6”, wearing a red ball cap, black mask, black jacket, and carrying a silver handgun. 


None reported


None reported


ROBBERY: 3800 block of Laramie Place, 1/1/19, 1:44 a.m. A man reported to officers that while talking to a group of friends, unknown men attacked him by punching and kicking him to the ground. His phone and other property were taken. He was taken to a local hospital for his injuries. The victim was only able to describe the suspects as black men.

ROBBERY: 6231 Richmond Highway (Tobacco Colony), 12/31/18, 2:36 p.m. A cashier reported to officers that a man with a gun came into the store while customers were present and stole merchandise. No one was injured. The suspect was described as a black man, 30-35 years old, about 6’1”, 190-230 pounds, wearing a ski mask, dark grey pants, dark shoes, and a black coat with a fur-lined hood. 


7200 block of Beechwood Road, earrings and cash from residence

5800 block of Cameron Run Terrace, license plate from vehicle

6600 block of East Wakefield Drive, documents from vehicle

8000 block of Richmond Highway, merchandise from business


None reported 


DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED/ PURSUIT: I-495 Express Lane over Dolley Madison Boulevard, 1/1/19, 3:32 p.m. An officer observed a vehicle that was weaving and unable to maintain speed. The officer attempted a traffic stop; however, the driver disregarded the signal and kept going. The driver, Vijay Lindsay, 32, of Orange, Virginia, was eventually stopped and charged with felony eluding, felony driving while intoxicated (3rd conviction in 5 years), and refusal of blood or breath test.

010119, Mugshot - Lindsay, Vijay

GRAND LARCENY/LARCENY WITH INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE/OBSTRUCTION/TRESPASSING/POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA: 1961 Chain Bridge Road (Lord and Taylor), 01/01/19, 5:40 p.m. An employee of the store observed a man concealing merchandise and contacted officers to assist. As officers attempted to speak with the man, he ran away. A foot pursuit began as the man refused orders to stop. While running away from the officers, the man was throwing merchandise on the ground. Officers arrested Marcus Lee, 26, of Washington, D.C. Lee was charged with grand larceny, larceny with intent to distribute, obstruction of justice, trespassing, and possession of marijuana.

010219, Mugshot - Lee, Marcus

CREDIT CARD/IDENTITY FRAUD: 2000 block of International Drive, 1/1/19, 4:26 p.m. Members of the Christmas Anti-Theft Team were working a shoplifting case when they were notified by a Loss Prevention Officer of a possible credit card fraud situation. The Loss Prevention Officer indicated he saw a woman in this store who was recently seen using fraudulent credit cards in a Maryland store. Our officers began watching her while other officers made contact with the victim who lives in California. While watching the woman, other suspects were developed. Two men and two women were arrested at their car. Over $10,000 in fraudulently purchased merchandise was discovered inside. Han Lin, 34, of New York was charged with three counts of credit card theft, two counts of credit card fraud, and identity fraud. Chaojun Shao, 34, of New York, was charged with three counts of credit card theft, two counts of credit card fraud, receiving stolen goods and identity fraud. Shousheng Wang, 33, of New York, was charged with two counts of credit card theft and credit card fraud. Xiabing Lin, 34, of New York, was charged with conspire to commit credit card fraud. Additional charges are pending.



1900 block of Chain Bridge Road, bag from location

1900 block of Chain Bridge Road, laptop computer and backpack from vehicle

6300 block of Georgetown Pike, purse and gifts from vehicle

8000 block of Leesburg Pike, laptop computer from location


1400 block of Carrington Ridge Lane, 2009 Nissan Altima

1400 block of Carrington Ridge Lane, 2003 Honda Odyssey


DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED: Little River Turnpike/ Oasis Drive, 12/31/18, 2 a.m. An officer pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver, Kenzi Siramdane, 20, of Lexington, Kentucky, was found to be under the influence of alcohol and wanted on active warrants. Officers also found a concealed weapon, drugs, and an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. Siramdane was charged with driving while intoxicated, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of marijuana, possession of open container while driving, refusal of blood or breath test, driving on a suspended license, failure to obey a highway sign, failure to appear, and probation violation. No picture available. 


6700 block of Arlington Boulevard, wallet from location

6000 block of Bellview Drive, license plates from vehicle

6500 block of Little River Turnpike, beer from business

4000 block of Oxford Street, medication from location 


None reported


ROBBERY: 11600 block of Stoneview Square, 1/1/19, 1:30 p.m. A food delivery driver was delivering an order to an apartment when he was approached by two men. The men began fighting the victim. One of the men displayed a knife and the victim stopped fighting them. The men went through the victim’s pockets and took an undisclosed amount of cash. The men were described as possibly black or Hispanic, in their early 20s, wearing all dark clothing. The victim was not injured.


13000 block of Cabin Creek Road, property from vehicle

1800 block of Cameron Glen Drive, cell phone from location

2400 block of Cypress Green Lane, cell phone from location

11900 block of Market Street, cell phone from location

10100 block of Nedra Drive, property from residence

11400 block of Washington Plaza, watch from residence


13000 block of Cabin Creek Road, 2007 Subaru Legacy


ROBBERY: 6500 Springfield Mall (Diamond Designs), 12/31/18, 12:54 p.m. A store clerk reported to officers that a teenager came into the store, tried on jewelry, and then ran out with the merchandise. The clerk attempted to stop him by grabbing his shirt which caused injury to her arm and wrist. She was transported to a local hospital. The suspect, a 16-year-old boy, was found at the metro station. Petitions were obtained for robbery, forgery, uttering, and possession of burglarious tools. 


7200 block of Beulah Street, cigarettes from business

6200 block of Brandon Avenue, property from vehicle

6200 block of Clara Edward Terrace, property from vehicle

6200 block of Dubin Drive, property from vehicle 


None reported 



None reported 


None reported


UNLAWFUL ENTRY: 12723 Lee Highway (Pleasant Acres Motel), 1/1/19, 8 a.m. Officers were called to the motel for three people who broke into a room after being told they could not rent a room. Officers arrived on scene and gave commands for the people inside to come out. They came out and were taken into custody. During the search of the room, officers discovered a loaded pistol and a digital scale. Further investigation revealed one of the individuals in the room was a juvenile. Juwan Seegars, 23, of Reston, and Samir Abdalmajied, 20, of Springfield, were charged with destruction of property and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The 17-year-old girl was charged with destruction of property and outstanding petitions from Prince William County were served.

combined mugshot



4200 block of Summit Corner Drive, gun from residence

12300 block of Strong Court, cash from vehicle

9800 block of Sweet Mint Drive, jewelry from residence


None reported 




Date Covered: 12/31/18 thru 01/01/19

Total calls for Service: 2,595

Total Domestic Related Calls for Service: 91

Total Persons Experiencing Mental Crisis Calls for Service: 47

Total Crash Calls for Service: 142


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