UPDATE: Detectives Expand Call for Unknown Victims in Unlawful Filming Case

Detectives continue to analyze data and work toward identifying the approximately 60 victims who were recorded in dressing rooms over the holidays. We are now asking for anyone to contact us who was shopping at Forever 21, Gap, H&M, and Old Navy between December 15th and 24th at Fair Lakes Promenade, Fair Oaks Mall, Springfield Town Center, and Tysons Corner Center. More than 100 concerned community members have called our hotline since Thursday. Detectives still want to speak to anyone who was potentially videotaped. We are now providing email and text options to reach us in addition to the dedicated hotline.

Phone: 703-246-4600

Text: 703-718-5806

Email: fcpdtaskforce@fairfaxcounty.gov

phone bank

We have Spanish speaking call takers, and we can make accommodations for other languages upon request.

“The communities cooperation in this investigation is vital in the successful outcome of this case,” said Major Ed O’Carroll, Commander of our Major Crimes Bureau. “We are incredibly grateful for the community support we have received over the last four days, including those people who have called our phone line in an effort to help us identify our unknown victims. We will continue to provide updates as we learn more from our investigation.”

If you think you might have been in one of those fitting rooms, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


(Original release date: January 3, 2019)

Detectives Asking for Public’s Help Identifying Unknown Victims in Unlawful Filming Case

Fair Oaks District – Detectives are asking for the public’s help identifying victims from video recordings found on the phone of 39-year-old Mumtaz Rauf. Rauf was arrested December 24th for the unlawful filming of a minor at the Forever 21 store in Fair Oaks Mall.


Detectives have been working diligently since Rauf’s arrest to identify the victims, as well as the stores where the unlawful recordings took place.  So far, we’ve found approximately 60 female victims on over 100 videos in fitting rooms from Rauf’s cell phone, with several of them appearing to be juveniles. The videos we’ve recovered were taken between December 15th and December 24th. Currently we know some of the recordings took place at Forever 21 and H&M at Fair Oaks Mall. We also believe some of the videos may have been taken at the Fair Lakes Old Navy. It is still very early in the investigation and there are more stores in the videos that have yet to be identified.

So far the locations and approximate time frames we have been able to identify are:

December 22, 2018:

1:15pm – 2:10pm, Fair Lakes Old Navy

2:50pm – 3:20pm, Fair Oaks Mall H&M

3:40pm – 4:15pm, Fair Oaks Mall Forever 21

4:25pm – 5:45pm, Fair Oaks Mall H&M

December 24, 2018:

12:30pm – 2:00pm, Fair Oaks Mall Forever 21 and H&M

There is also a time period from 9:15pm-10:00pm on December 22 where we believe he was possibly at the H&M and Old Navy at Tysons Corner Center.

Here are some images of the devices Rauf used:

There were other inappropriate video recordings found on Rauf’s phone, including several videos where he secretly filmed up a woman’s skirt. Detectives continue to analyze evidence in an effort to positively identify all the victims and the locations where the crimes occurred. They are also working to process 13 additional pieces of electronics including laptops, desktops, and tablets. Our Neighborhood Patrol Unit is canvassing Fair Oaks Mall and Tysons Corner Center to see if employees recognize Rauf. We are also investigating whether illegal images have been shared or placed on the internet. Rauf is currently behind bars with no bond on unrelated drug charges. The Office of the Commonwealth Attorney is aware of our investigation and will be fully briefed once it’s complete.

We’ve set up a dedicated phone line at 703-246-4600 for anyone who thinks they may have been filmed by Rauf in a fitting room between December 15th and December 24th.


(Original release date: January 3, 2019)

MEDIA ALERT: New Evidence Uncovered in Unlawful Filming Case

Major Ed O’Carroll, Commander of the Major Crimes Bureau, will be joined by Major Christian Quinn, Commander of the Cyber and Forensics Bureau, to update the community on the arrest of Mumtaz Rauf. We now believe there are additional victims who were filmed in fitting rooms during the holiday season. We will be providing details from our investigation to help people identify if they may have been targeted.


Public Safety Headquarters

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Press Room: 2nd Floor

Fairfax, Virginia 22035


Today, at 2:30 p.m.


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(Original release date: December 27, 2018)

Man Arrested for Unlawful Filming of Minor in Fair Oaks Mall Fitting Room

Fair Oaks Police District – A 39-year-old man is facing a felony charge after he was caught filming a minor in a Fair Oaks Mall dressing room.  Mumtaz Rauf, of Alexandria, was arrested for unlawful filming of a minor Monday afternoon around 4:00 p.m. Officers were called to the Forever 21 clothing store based on a complaint by a customer. A teenage girl saw a black device such as camera or cell phone pointing down from the wall of her dressing room, and she believed photographs were possibly being taken. A man was then seen exiting the store headed into the mall by an employee of the store. Officers ultimately located the man the employee described in the fitting room of the H&M clothing store and identified him as Rauf. He was wearing a black jacket, red knit beanie, khaki pants and red shoes, which matched the description provided by the store employee. He had a pinhole camera, black tape, and a battery powered Bluetooth transmitter that officers believe he was using to remotely gather video and pictures from various fitting rooms. Rauf was charged with unlawful filming of a minor, which is a felony due to the victim being under 18 years of age.

Officers believe there may be additional victims.  Anyone who believes they may have been filmed by Rauf, or has information is asked to contact Officer Musser at 703-591-0966.