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Fox Attacks Man, Cat, and Dog in the Mount Vernon District Before Running Off; Animal Protection Police Ask Public to Call in Possible Sightings

  Mount Vernon Police District – A man, a cat, and a dog were bit by a fox last night on William and Mary Drive in the Alexandria area of Fairfax County. Animal Protection Police initially responded to the 2300 block around 9:09 for a report of a man bit by a fox. After biting the man, the fox attacked

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A Deadly Mistake: How to Protect Your Pets in the Heat

The sizzling temperatures are here! Do not leave your pets in your car, even for a few minutes. In June to September of last year we had 22 confirmed cases of dogs left in  cars in Fairfax County, including one death. Rolling down the windows has little effect on the temperature inside a car. High temps can cause organ damage and

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Be Bear Aware – It’s the Season for Bear Sightings

Spring is the time when black bears and cubs emerge from their winter dens; typically between mid-March to early May in Virginia. Bears typically avoid humans, but may wander into suburban areas in their search for food. Bears are attracted by bird feeders, garbage, outdoor pet food, compost piles, fruit trees, and berry-producing shrubs. If addressed quickly, situations can be

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Bountiful Baby Wildlife; Let Them Stay Wild

Springtime is here and that means warmer temperatures, frogs calling, Virginia bluebells, and baby animals. Animal Protection Police, wildlife rehabilitators and animal caretakers receive the most calls about baby wildlife in spring and summer. In Fairfax County, residents frequently find young, wild animals that appear to be orphaned or abandoned and seek help from wildlife professionals to treat or raise

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UPDATE: Great Falls-Area Fox Tested Positive for Rabies

A rabies test on the fox that bit a 71-year-old woman and attacked a house cat in the Great Falls area on March 7 returned positive. The Health Department is working with the woman to provide appropriate care. The cat continues to be quarantined. Rabies is a disease caused by a virus that can infect both people and animals. People usually

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