“Pay or Lose Power” Scam; Be Aware


Police are warning residents, in particular concern of this week’s frigid weather, of a scam that has re-surfaced in Fairfax County neighborhoods in recent weeks.

Victims report that someone claiming to be a power company employee contacts them and states their power will be cut off if they do not pay their “overdue” bill immediately.

Recently, a woman who owns a business in the Springfield area received a phone call advising that her electric bill was overdue and demanded that she “go to a CVS or a 7-Eleven” to purchase a green DOT card in the amount of $499.98 which allegedly was the amount of the bill. The victim had recently paid her power bill. She checked with her bank, contacted Dominion Power and verified the payment. When she called the suspect back, he became mad and yelled at her. Fortunately, this victim wasn’t fooled, hurt, or financially victimized.

Please help make others aware of this scam. Suspects can be convincing and often people “fall” for this in fear of being cold and without power.

More information on this particular scam may be found at


            More information on financial crimes reporting, common scams and how to prevent becoming a victim may be found at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/police/financialcrimes/.